THE BIZARRE OCCULT CONNECTION to the assassination of Father Edward Kunz.

FROM MANNING TO MALACHI — Catholic seers who warned of his coming… and died under mysterious circumstances.

THE SECRET OF MALACHI MARTIN and Rosemary’s (Petrus) Baby.

THE CRYPTIC 2012 POEM: When the Pope walks over dead bodies of priests… the Woman prepares to ride the Beast!

THE FOURTH SECRET OF FATIMA and the other suppressed Marian texts.

UNCANNY MYSTICS and the Keepers of the Hidden Knowledge

THE ORDER OF THE QUEST and ‘X’ Marks the Spot: Find the Head and the Body will follow!

2012 STRANGE ATTRACTORS – Maya, Aztec, Zohar, Hindu, Catholic, Masonic, Rosicrucian, American Indian and many more.

THE SECRET IN THE US CAPITAL AND AT THE VATICAN tied to Mesoamerican 2012 and the coming of The Dragon.

THE FINAL CONCLAVE! Get ready: Will it be black… white… or blood red smoke?

Please watch: “Vile Pervert: The Truth Awakens ”



4 Replies to “Petrus Romanus- The Final Pope and the Antichrist Are Here.”

  1. Step by step study of the Antichrist by Daniel and John. Have you noticed that Daniel saw only 4 Beast Kingdoms while John in Revelation saw 7 Beast Kingdoms. Most of eschatologist today see only what Daniel saw. If you have Daniel's sight only, you will end up as Roman Empire Revivalist. Look at it in John's vision. Satan a SUPER DECEIVER, led many to believe the antichrist will come from European Union(Revived Roman Empire). see “ANTICHRIST” in isaac2527youtube

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