Interestingly enough, the famous pope Francis is a Jesuit. What is a Jesuit and the Jesuit order? What is the Jesuit oath all about? How did some of the Founding and leading Fathers of the United States of America react of the Jesuits and Rome itself? The answer may shock you…


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  1. the papacy is the sit of antichrist martin luther said i believe the the sit of the pope is that of satan.its sad many folks dont remember history the jesuits were so dangerous they were ban in many countries and even here in america abraham lincon warn about them jefferson did the same you can read the writtings from these two presidents they new about the dangers of the jesuit even the leaders in europe were scared for their is two books i recommend every student of history must read the first book is called,FOXES BOOK OF MATYRS the author name is john fox.the second bookis called ,THE GREAT CONTROVERSY the author name is ELLEN GOULD WHITE. to get these books you can download the EGW apt on your phone and download it for free on your phone. for the book foxes bookof matyr you can download the apt also or you can order them at theABC BOOK STORE.

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