Infowars reporter, Rob Dew talks with Leo Zagami to cover the jesuit takeover of the Vatican, massive sex cults in the vatican.




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29 Replies to “Pope Francis And The Jesuit Order”

  1. This guy Wages is a masonic apologist, 'morals & dogma' written by Albert Pike who was the head of American freemasonry in the 1800s, and who wrote the path of the Scottish rite (that this fella is taking) was a luciferian and said by Scottish rite freemasonry to be one of their greatest philosophers. Manly P Hall who only died in 1990s is said to be freemasonries GREATEST philosopher BY THE SCOTTISH RITE THEMSELVES, and he wrote that when a person practices freemasonry that he 'can feel the seething energy of lucifer running through his hands.' 
    The lower ranks don't have a clue what is going on they think they are becoming better people through masonry… lead into gold. But the light lower masons are slowly being brought into is the 'light' of lucifer. But in the devil there is no light or truth… and YES lucifer/devil are the same person.
    Either this fella Wages is a lower rank… or he's a liar. Either way he is sowing disinformation.

  2. ""On February 23, 2008; Leo Zagami's wife left him, taking with her, their young son. As Leo would later find out, the woman he thought was his wife and who loved him was in the illuminati ""  From one of his sites …. He is nuts !!   She probably got fed up with the lies and make believe !!

  3. This is a very interesting video. Many interesting videos are in English. For example the German and Italian people does not speak or understand English. That is a reason that we believe that people that agree that it is a threat – the Muslim invasion does not 'get' the message. That is a problem that we citizen in Europe cannot be united. This time, these years right now, are the biggest threat against Europe and its ancient history ever. And the politicians are unfortunately on the people's side. We can expect the apocalypses,, the end of the wonderful Europe that we loved.

  4. Its also about White Genocide. They want the Euro Countries over-run with immigrants who will have millions of babies…muslims on average have about 5 children..whereas Euro whites have only one or two. They dont want a population who will resist tyranny. Those coming from those hellhole countries are already used to living under a police state and make great worker drones. This has been the plan by both the vatican and the world Zionists.

  5. Great to see Leo Zagami putting that stupid liar and deceiver in check throughout this video. Josef Wages, a liar and deceiver, tried his best to spread his disinfo but Leo Zagami tagged and bagged him every single time. It's always great to see a liar put in his place. feigning a lack of knowledge on basic things and trying to spin the facts.

  6. The constitution is suppose to upheld by the members of congress but they are winking every time that subject comes up. Moreover, the main principal about our constitution the right to privacy article fourth it has been omitted and raped by the members of congress that have sold their dignity and complete soul to the corporate conglomerate. If Benjamin Franklin, George Washington or Samuel Adams would be alive they would make another revolution by acussing and sentencing those members of treason

  7. At the behest of the King of France, Pope Clement IV suppressed the Jesuit Order in France. The Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian, went underground and formed the Illuminati. They swore revenge. The Pope died an excruciating death by poisoning, and the incited people of Paris stormed the Bastille, thus starting the French Revolution. The King, Queen, and the nobles were beheaded. Priests were crucified to the doors of their churches, and they took a prostitute, garnished her with flowers and crown, and placed her on the Catholic altar as the "Goddess of Reason". They didn't stop until they marched into Rome, and took away the new pope in shackles.

  8. Vatican treasury is run by the Rothschilds (who are knights of malta/mason connection, check their shield emblem!) Rothschild is responsible for the federal reserve/Central banks and set up Israel with the Balfour declaration in 1917, which took until 1948 to bear fruit and responsible for Zionism.

    Vatican outwardly is controlled by the White pope, inwardly the Black pope, which is the military wing, setup to oppose the prodestant reformation, the Black pope controls the Jesuits, which controls the masons/Knights of malta etc….Therefore the Vatican controls Zionism/Judaism/Satanism

  9. lol u got freemasons supposedly talking about the Jesuit Order sewing disinformation. Sorry Alex I know you did this because everybody in the know, knows you don't touch the subject because you are most likely a Jesuit puppet. This tells me all I need to know bro. Albert Pike clearly states in Morals and Dogma 30-33rd degree Bavarian Freemasons worship Lucifer knowingly and the lower degrees are mislead with exoteric interpretations. Seriously you bring freemasons on the show to talk about this!!! I'm done with you.

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