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Exposing Pope Francis and the Jesuits. The beast system of Revelation 13 is rising to world power again. And soon it’s mark will be enforced.


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  1. These books contain the MOST important information for our time. That you might know what is ahead. Let me recommend some books for you so that you may have the most important answers to the questions regarding salvation & redemption. The Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages.
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    End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg
    Many readers of, End Time Delusions, may be surprised to learn that the prevailing view in most American evangelical churches, that of dispensationalism, is a novelty in the long history of the Christian church. In light of that, the obvious question the reader will want to ask is: “What was the prevailing view, and how did the current view, as expressed in the Left Behind books and films, gain such prominence?” Steve Wohlberg answers these and many other questions in this book.

  2. Aldopho Nicolaus, is the current General (HEAD) of the Jesuit Order of the Society of Jesus, he also holds the title ' BLACK POPE '
    All Jesuits swear a life oath of complete obedience to the BLACK POPE , wether they be of the Cloth, Esquire or Laity. To the Jesuit the BLACK POPE is the SUPREME authority and commander of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The fisrt time in Papal history a Jesuit priest has now attained to the office of the Papacy, as the ' WHITE POPE ; Pope Francis Xavier.
    Pope Francis Xavier is oath bound to Aldopho Nicolaus the BLACK POPE .

    Ps; Francis Xavier was a co founder with Ignatius lyola, of the Jesuit Order.

  3. The Jesuit Order is Roman intelligence controlled by the Massimo family from the Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome. Mario Draghi was born in Rome and went to the Massimo Institute and is the President of the European Central Bank, former Goldman sachs executive, and is a director at the Bank for International Settlements. The Massimo family claim to be the Fabii-Maximi dynasty which were known for using the scorched earth military tactic. The Roman Caesar used the title of Pontifex Maximus which means the "Greatest Bridge Builder" The Massimo's recently married into the House of Osorio of Galicia Spain where Amancio Ortega "the second wealthiest billionaire in the world" lives and owns Inditex the largest fashion company in the world headquartered in Galicia with a major store chain called Massimo Dutti. The Massimo family rule over Caelian Hill in Rome which represents corporate land ownership and the foundation.

    The House of Farnese established the Jesuits as a military order through the papal bull; Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae. The Farnese family lived in a pentagonal fortress called the Farnese Villa Caprarola in Italy. The leader of the Jesuits is called the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Jesuit alumni dominate leadership positions in US military and intelligence as well as politics and law. The Massimo family has intermarried with branches of the House of Bourbon. The Farnese bloodline are intermarried with the House of Bourbon of Spain as well. The Bourbon King of Spain holds the title of King of Jerusalem today as well as most of the monarchical titles in Italy. The House of Bourbon rule over Vaticano Hill.


    The princely House of Massimo is historically one of the great aristocratic families of Rome, renowned for its influence on the politics, the church and the artistic heritage of the city.

    The Massimo family is sometimes referred to as one of the oldest noble families in Europe. According to the Augustine historian Onofrio Panvinio (1529-1568) in his work "De gente Maxima" of 1556, the family descends in the male line from the ancient Gens Fabia or "Maximi" of republican Rome and from Quintus Fabius Maximus (c. 275 BC – 203 BC)

    in 1989, Carlo Massimo, 6th Prince di Arsoli (born 1942) married Doña Elisa OSORIO de Moscoso y Estagna (born 1946)


    The House of Osorio is a Spanish noble lineage of the Crown of Castile, native to the Kingdom of GALICIA


    Amancio Ortega Gaona (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈmanθjo orˈteɣa ɣaˈona]; born 28 March 1936) is a Spanish business magnate. He is the founder and chairman of the INDITEX fashion group

    He is currently the second richest person in the world with a total net worth of US$76.5 billion as of August 2016.[2]


    Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (Inditex) (/ˌɪndɪˈtɛks/, Spanish: [indiˈteks]; Textile Design Industries) is a Spanish multinational clothing company headquartered in Arteixo, GALICIA.[3]

    Inditex, the BIGGEST fashion group in the world, operates over 7,000 stores in 91 markets worldwide.[4][2][5] The company's flagship store is Zara, but it also owns the chains Zara Home, MASSIMO Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Uterqüe.


    The Massimiliano Massimo Institute (Istituto Massimiliano Massimo) is a Jesuit school in Rome. It is considered one of the most prestigious and exclusive school in Rome.


    Mario Draghi OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [ˈmaːrjo ˈdraːɡi]; born 3 September 1947) is an Italian economist, manager and banker who succeeded Jean-Claude Trichet as the President of the European Central Bank on 1 November 2011.

    He was born in Rome.

    He studied at the Massimiliano Massimo Institute[2]


    The Farnese family is an influential family in Renaissance Italy. The titles of Duke of Parma and Piacenza and Duke of Castro were held by various members of the family. The JESUITS were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III.


    The Villa Farnese, also known as Villa Caprarola

    The PENTAGONAL fortress foundations, constructed probably between 1515 and 1530,[2]


    Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (Latin for To the Government of the Church MILITANT) was the papal bull promulgated by Pope Paul III on September 27, 1540, which gave a first approval to the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits


    The Superior GENERAL of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus—the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits.


    Elisabeth Farnese (Italian: Elisabetta Farnese, Spanish: Isabel de Farnesio; 25 October 1692 – 11 July 1766) was Queen of Spain as the wife of King Philip V.


    His Catholic Majesty, the King of Spain [the Spanish], King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, of JERUSALEM


  5. Benjamin will Raven like a Wolf… One night Benjamin will come like wolves and surround the enemy of the world and in the morning will share the spoils.. The Jesuits hiding in the Synagogue of Evil will be brought down by slowly awakening of my brothers the Tribe of Benjamin. They may have weakened the Hebrew Israelites and the Great Nations people, …but Benjamin remembers!

  6. Well done sir, so those bastards came about in France? A major Freemason inclave, like Napolean who was responsable for forcing that Order of "Jesus" back in Vatican.
    1814 "society of Jesus" (Jesuits) which had been abolished in 1773, on grounds that it was immoral, dangerous and a menace…
    Illuminati= elite masons

    Illuminati =creation of the catholic Jesuits

    Who are the Jesuits?

    They are the militia/ spy network/ the vatican created 500 years ago to destroy protestant Christianity and to conquer the world on behalf of the pope

    The Jesuits elite at the very start began to practice the occult they became everything but christian

    They took over the Vatican and they began to infiltrate every government in Europe

    They began to assassinate European leaders and soon exposed themselves

    To hide and ensure their enterprise they created the Illuminati/ elite masons who would rule the affairs of the world on their behalf

    They installed powerful witchcraft families like the Rothschild family over the banks of Europe and the USA

    They trained leaders of powerful nations since child hood and they positioned them in places of power. Over all they control all the banks on this earth through families like the Rothschild

    The symbolism the Illuminati uses and the agenda the Illuminati enforces is a creation of the Jesuits

    Overall every prophecy the lord JESUS gave us concerning Satan's plan to force a one world government points to the pope as the anti Christ who will deceive almost the entire world in the last days

    This is their plan

  7. They also formed the Muslims to get Jerusilum for them!!! Why do Catolics not read the Bible and true word of God but listen to the Pope? So so sad they think they are the only ones who will be saved but only the true Christians will be saved for eternial life in Heaven!!!

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