A look at the new Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio , his Connection to the Jesuits and a Look at the man Running the show behind the scenes , Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas !








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  1. So what? He IS a Jesuit! The coat of arms above is not the papal coat of arms but the one as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and cardinal, but so what? It is not illegal to be a Jesuit and belong to the greatest order in the Church.

  2. 1 This is not the coat of arms of Pope Francis, this is the coat of arms of the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Pope Francis decided to use symbols of his archbishop coat of arms his Papal coat of arm it's different.
    2 that wide-brimmed hat (wich you think is a UFO) is a Cardinal's hat and it's a symbol used by Cardinals in their coat of arms.
    3 The processional double cross (yes that's what it is called) it is the symbol of all archbishops and as this is the coat of arms used by Bergoglio as Cardinal ARCHBISHOP of Buenos Aires it should be there; don't you think?
    4. The radiant sun with the letters IHS (christogram based on the first three letters of Jesus in Greek) with the cross piercing the H and the 3 nails is the seal which has represented the Society of Jesus for almost 500 years and it is normal for it to be there because Cardinal Bergoglio is a Jesuit.
    5. Pope Francis has been asked why he chose his name (because pople already knew aabout the Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier) and he clearly said it was because of Saint Francis of Assisi.

  3. The pope is the anti christ

    The popes jesuits started the illuminati/elite masons

    Thats why they share the same occult symbolism

    Thats why they share the same satanic agenda a one world government

    Daniel said the anti christ would begin when the roman empire would collapse but would last to the end of the world

    for that to be true you would have to assume that anti christ is a position a man holds

    the only man who fits in daniels timeline who has this agenda is the pope

  4. Where did he say he changed the coat of arms when he became pope? Since you know that the hat and teasel explanation are completely wrong, please enlighten me as to why he has 32 tassels in 2 pyramid shape. as far as the Jesuits, everything he states about the founding and who the current leader is is accurate. As well as what his position is called. So im guess him calling them evil and having more power is insane. I would say that looking into the founders will shed light into who they are.

  5. For starters, the coat of arms he uses was Pope Francis' when he was a cardinal. And all of the explanations about the hat, tassels, and everything else is completely wrong. Not to mention, the description of Jesuits in this video is just insane.

    I tell ya, conspiracy theorists are consistent. Making up "facts" as they go along. It's interesting stuff…but it's not based in any reality. Makes for a good book, or movie tho…fictional, of course.

  6. of course he wouldn't publicly say he took the name from a founding member of the Jesuits. if he did people would research into the Jesuits. I know you are going to say so what they are a good organization but from my research into them I would strongly disagree

  7. The "prevention" of exploration of the new world was from a papel bull written by pope alexander 6. The Borgia pope, who was from spain and very corrupt. His great grandson was a founding member and the second superior general of the Jesuits. All the founders were ex soldiers and they are considered the military arm of the Vatican. Hence the title of superior general for their top member. As far as stopping the exploration, all they did was make a permit needed to travel to the new world.

  8. Zionists, Jesuits, Masons/Illuminati, Mafias/Yakuza, Banksters/Wall street, UN, Evangelists, Wahabists/Alqaeda are all part of Antichrist/Dajjal plan to rule the world from Jerusalem's Solomon new temple to be built soon. May God curse them all.

  9. I dont agree with this video about coat of arms. One thing that i think is only weird in this coat of arm is pentagram – occultic sign. Not inverted pentagram is used in witchcraft. And maybe sign of sun.

  10. again, big forgery coming from frustrated christian fundamentalists. i supposed that few jesuits around were responsible also both the genocide of americain indians, and shamefull slavery of africains people that took place done by the puritain….jesuitism prevented exploitation of native americain from spanish and no slavery in catholics de la nouvelle France, no segregation but metissage etc… so wash the blood off the finger your pointing at them…..south americains natives remenber

  11. Black Pope can only do better than the white ones. You're gonna get the real deal, but you won't like it. REAL life scenarios dictate one must be able to operate in the light AND the dark in order to survive in this galaxy or any others. If you cannot see the dark, then you are blind and vulnerable.

  12. You are so full of shit it isn't even funny. Your first lie is trying to tie the Catholic Church in with the Freemasons. The only connection is the hatred of the Freemasons for the Church and the Church's condemnation of Freemasonry. Another screw-up on your part is saying St. Ignatius was elected superior; St. Ignatius of Loyola FORMED the Jesuits, and because of that he was their first superior. It is amazing that you can get so many lies into a little over five minutes.

  13. And I never demonized emotions. Nor does the Church. The reception of a temptation is outside the recipient's control. It's the action that follows that is subject to moral judgement. I'll never call a reflex reaction sinful, but once the intellect is triggered, there may be blame assigned to the activity that follows. It's at that point that free will kicks in and the penitential meter is turned on.The level of your personal responsibility is between you & the Lord from that point forward.

  14. I agree that we are animals. I would never tell anyone to run and hide from that fact. I think knowing it is crucial in understanding morality. I think you're detaching yourself from what it is to be human when you deny control over our animal tendencies. We're better than the rest of the animal kingdom, because we can control ourselves. When we don't control ourselves, we hurt others. That's inhuman. We've been blessed with a mind to regulate our feelings. Other animals are slaves to instinct.

  15. man is an animal. we are mammals, and you nor the power of a global religion encompassing the majority of mankind can run and hide form this. you are an animal. your penis gets hard and wants to fuck something. labeling this desire as sinful is like scoring two dogs for copulating. why are you so detached from what it is to be human? you think you can hide your animal-ness? i say look down at that flap of skin and sack of hairy balls between your legs and tell me you'r not a mammal.

  16. I think this is a pointless conversation. How about we save each other some time. I've been down this road with others. Your points won't convince me, and my points won't convince you. I respect your position, but I don't agree with it. Maybe the Lord will turn me away because I attend Sunday Mass, but I hope my conduct on the other 6 days of the week will carry more weight. In the end, each of us is responsible for his own relationship with the Lord, and that's what it's all about.

  17. No one has changed the Sabbath. The Lord gave the Sabbath to the Jewish people. The apostles agreed among themselves that gentiles don't have to become Jewish to be Christian. I am a gentile, so the Sabbath wasn't given to me..

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