Pope Francis doesn’t read websites that accuse him of heresy, for reasons of “mental health”

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La Civiltá Cattolica published a transcript of his private encounter with Jesuits in Chile and Peru. “I tend to meet with abuse victims on Fridays,” the pope revealed.

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  1. Don't wanna see the truth he's the biblical false prophet huh…. Predicted by your own church by two saint Malachi's ( prophecy of the Pope's) to be the last 113th predicted pope and great deciever of the church… As Francis has misled the Catholic Church has blasphemed god, you belong to Satan Francis and God you can't mock for long. Your push to bring back the world's God Barack Obama who you will work with is well seen and known by thousands dreaming and having visions of it. Many eyes are shut but mine aren't and hope others wake up to that Reality

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