Pope Francis is a Jesuit Illuminati Satanic Priest Who Will Bring The World Into The NWO

Ex Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera – From Rome To Christ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mQQ29qWdZU

Pope Francis: ‘The Mental Structure Of Fundamentalists Is Violence In The Name Of God’ : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/14/pope-francis-fundamentalists_n_5493045.html

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  1. One Father Malachai Martin, himself a former Jesuit priest (and exorcist) left the Jesuit Order for reasons well detailed in his book about the Jesuits. I suggest anyone interested in learning about the history of the Jesuit Order, including all it's good works and service, but later downfall and betrayal to the Holy Roman Church, should pick it up and read it. The Jesuit Order, in Father Martin's analysis, succumbed to the seduction of Liberation Theology, a perversion of theology married to the Marxist's in South America. And now we have the first South American Pope. Perhaps the fall is complete.

  2. This video makes an awful lot of assertions, some (or all) which may be true. But absolutely no evidence is offered to back any of it up. This is essentially worthless to the Christian seeking discernment.

  3. I have always thought that a pope would be the false prophet that paves the way for the antichrist with his; "signs and wonders." Catholoism, is a pagon religon, that never has followed correct teachings. I don't know what Constantin's true motives were but, through out history the catholic church has been behind alot of shady thungs, like when they sold salvation to people during the middle ages, for one. The leaders of the church remind me of the Scribes and Pharisess that Jesus had to contend with, during his time on the Earth. They are liars and vipers that should not be trusted by any follower of Christ.

  4. I understood the jesuits purpose was or is to bring down protestants, by any means they can, thru lies and deception, even to posing as protestant to muddy the water, twist their teachings & sew division. And it seems they succeeded by just looking at the thousands of protestant – noncatholic- churches denominations, more are splintering off, more new denominations daily. What other secret sects do they have? They've (rome) polluted the Holy Bible, thank you constantine, why are the early church writings being found now, why were hidden in the first place? To save them from rome, from Constantine. Now found they should be available to all Christians, to the world but with originals kept in Isreal, but no… most of them are locked away at the vatican, only small portion given to the world. Why?, maybe something proves catholic deceit.!! Constantine is root of the ROMAN catholic church, he outlawed the true Sabbath changed it to a day ' to honor the Sun' a pagan day, Sunday, (he didnt even try hiding it, he couldve named it SONday) and then he murdered Jesus's followers that refused to break God's Law, he burned their homes and Churches, destroyed the early writings, the first Testaments, teachings of Jeshua. The atrocities continued, continue still. If all who love Jesus would stop and think about this, do research and realize the horrible crimes against God, against Jesus, against God's laws, against God's Word, against good Christians committed by this roman 'church', maybe we could find our way back to the beginning, to the true ways of the first believers, the followers of Jesus – reclaim and keep the Sabbath, keep the laws, keep the Covenants and by doing these, we Reclaim the Blessings they've stolen from us! I pray these deceivers steal no more souls.

  5. 1. your assuming they're illumaniti without giving scientific data. 2. you're taking shit out of context and twisting it to some shit you want. 3. you're mixing fragment truths with shit that you assume to attempt to make your statement true. 4. you're wasting your time and harming those who have a weak mind. 5. knowing your explanations, you do not read anything about Catholic history nor any of their dogma's and canon.

  6. I like these vids you do better than all the hollywood crap WE KNOW enough with hollywood illuminati messages do more like the ones here false teachers have to be exposed more than the hollywood sell outs,these false prophets are taking God's word and TWISTING IT TY THIS VID WAS GOOD THESE HAVE TO BE EXPOSED AS MUCH AS HOLLY WOOD SELL OUTS

  7. This has been my experience with Vigilent Christian: watches video to look for an interesting topic. Sees guy repeat his statement for 20 mins. Decides to look in the comments. Sees people arguing because a bunch of people are saying "_______ is Illuminati or satanic". Wonders why people watch this.

  8. Ok I am not religious, I don't care much about what is happening in Hollywood, I am just trying to live my life as I only know how to live it , but now that I have seen your videos about the illuminati brain washing us and an overall bad in the world , my only question to you is what can I do to get away from all this and to not get affected by it ? What can I do to don't get control and to live a happy life in this falling world ?

  9. Some idiot named Goggle wrote a response to HarryPukangkang to this effect:
    "The apostles were all homosexual. That's why priests can't marry." Words to that effect.
    I was going to respond to that by saying, "Yeah, I guess that means Jesus was a homosexual too!"
    That's how ludicrous his comment was.

  10. this guy is exaggerating too much if your going to expose something on the internet try not to sound soo stupid all your saying is illuminati this illuminati that like dude we get it your against but back up your information be more specific try not to be too religious I want to see actual facts something that would convince everyone and the word is not illuminati it's freemason

  11. The Church (the Catholic Church), can not be like Freemasonry, with its secrets, its strange rituals, the occultism, his Gnosticism, the Church must be clear and transparent as crystal and preach the gospel. The church must disband the Jesuit order

  12. The Jesuit order was founded by Spain to combat the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century through the Counter in a desperate act under the terrible circumstances for the Church of that time. They are much like Freemasonry. The Church  must to dissolve them long time ago

  13. Being a Catholic all my life I understand that you have paranoia going against evil (satan) itself. Trying to bring awareness of evil's propaganda is fine; trying to cause paranoia and fear in things that battle evil for countless centuries is wrong. The Roman Catholic Church will always stand for what is right in the eyes of God. Yes their are some who have fallen away, but that's the repercussions of fighting this war against evil in our society. If what you are saying is true and the Roman Church has fallen under evil, where are we going to go? What are we suppose to do? Stay vigilant? If everything you say is true then there is no more hope, then all is lost. Why are you making this video? There is no point to it, we cannot win a battle against evil BY OURSELVES. JUST BY STAYING VIGILANT. My question for you is if you are a Christian what kind of Christian demoralizes another Christian. I am a Catholic I believe and will always follow the Church and Pope Francis in all his teachings because he's an instrument of God to battle this evil. What I pray you will learn one day is that WE cannot win a war if we battle within ourselves. Your fears and paranoia are painting yourself in a in a corner and you will never get out because you will be by yourself. But the Catholic Church will always try and help you, you must stop fighting yourself and START HAVING FAITH AS A CHRISTIAN if you truly are one.

  14. stop speaking shit everyone know the jesuits of rome and the vatican run the world.. big deal… so sick of of misleading info on the net… all you people do is talk and never offer any proof… if you want my advice live your life there is no happiness in spreading fear and lies

  15. Jesuits are not all bad. Everything that has been infiltrated by Freemasons are bad. Example would be America and their illumati government. The America government is all Satanic worshippers this does not mean all Americans are…although all will drink from the same cup. Also, Vigilant Christian sadly you are part of the false prophet movement. Any non-Catholic faith are not partakers of the Body of Christ. Again, red flags to the modern Catholic church which is part of the Freemason now. However, if you stick to old fashion Dogmas you will become part of God's ONE CHURCH. The Bible prophesies are way more apparent to the Catholic Church. Fallaway is for Catholics that have 1.2 Billion and now only 70% practice the religion. It talks about false prophets and this is true with not False Pope and many false bishops and priests. It even warns of the anti-Christ entering the temple of God and that is the Catholic Church. Pay attention…for any non-Catholic or lukewarm Catholics do risk being here for the chastisement

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