Pope Francis Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits 1


Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the reincarnated Jesus Christ, Yahweh, The Creator, proven by the measurement of the Earth, The Shroud of Turin ( face match and explaination ), The Great Pyramid and much more. Pope Benedict XVI has recognised him and has been named Peter the Rock. Pope Benedict has written an Apostolic Letter ‘ In Cristum Credunt ‘ to announce that Christ has returned and will take over Pope Francis’s place because he has refused and not been humble enough to accept Christ back in the flesh.
The last warning, unrepentant men and women will soon become aware of what they have become and it will be too late, the offence to the Holy Ghost Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the Lord Jesus Christ is so great that unless every knee bows there will be no hope for the majority, the harvest of souls the supper of God the fowls of the air feasting upon the flesh of unrepentant man. Going underground will be no escape, ground to dust will be those who do go. There is no escaping the judgment of God rejected by mankind. Matthew 10:28 “fear him who can kill both body and soul in hell”….no other place is hell it is here on the earth, mankind deluded by the enemy of their soul prefers the darkness rather than coming to the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ who has been on the earth since his re-birth date of 11th of January 1944 at 2;22am, the day and the hour he as the Father this time has been revealing to a world gone mad, deluded by religion that preaches from the Talmud influenced Bible the trap for the unwise and perverted by the same devil in men who have deceived the whole world Rev 12;12 are the Jew who call themselves Jews and are not, John 8:44 the sons of Cain their father the first murderer and liar from the beginning. The Christ recognized announced by Pope Benedict XVI is the Holy Ghost and the unpardonable sin is to offend him and he is offended by Judaism, the greatest lie that has ever been told is that he Jesus was a Jew, he was and is an Essene and now the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not have the Christian churches preaching their gospel that they are the chosen race of God…well they are chosen alright by their god Lucifer, the first 5 books of the bible the Torah the god of which is lucifer……the Great Whore the Catholic Church has elected the stupidest man on the earth, the antichrist Francis the talking mule who has not a clue, treats as a joke the position he is in, a man of no substance, no intestinal fortitude playing with the lives of every man woman and child on the planet by denying the world the only news that will bring an end to the madness of hell…Francis is denying the world the knowledge of the Christ returned and identified by Pope Benedict XVI, Francis is sitting on the news and plays games of praying for the sick when the Christ can heal them, blessing the ungodly in the Jews who are not forgiven and will be cast off the earth along with all who support Israel, a man of low intelligence, the thing great about him is his power hungry ego all the while playing the role of a servant of Christ, he is the one responsible for the devastation about to come upon Europe….as the nations rise up against each other as the blood pours as the bodies of flesh become the pickings of vultures, there is one man to blame, Francis the Antichrist, talking mule and his investigators he has surrounded himself with, they have proclaimed themselves antichrist in helping Francis pull off his plans to conceal the news of the returned Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.
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