Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Kenneth Copeland – Lets Unite

Pope Francis sends a message to leading ‘Word of Faith’ teacher Kenneth Copeland via Bishop Tony Palmer saying that Charismatics and Catholics must unite.


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  1. From 321 AD to 1500 AD millions of christians and jews were killed by the papacy calling them heretics and vatican has never repented for that and they still keep the arm that killed them ready for more action in future.

  2. Now I understand the phrase "Father please remove the peels from mine eyes so that I may see, and be able to distinguish between that which is good and that which is evil..What I just saw makes me quiver..Please help those who are lost, who cannot distinguish between truth and lies to see the light..Especially the flock of of so many Ministries and prosperity preachers leading people to an abyss!!Amen"

  3. If their ears could hear and their eyes could see, they would see the blasphamy going on in this church, they would know that you're no man of God but sold your soul to the devil. They would hear from God and flee that place of desolation. But they're blind and deaf and lost because they dont trully seek God, lest He would save them and lead them to a place that teaches the truth, the real gospel of Christ. There's one thing worse than going to hell preacher, it's taking someone with you.

  4. Pope Francis has been seen burning incense to a statue of mary, and many other things. Mary is in heaven I'm sure, but she isn't the savior. Jesus Christ is the savior. The catholic doctrine is a doctrine of devils. It's called deception.
    Read the bible for yourself, NLT or a version you can understand. Don't let other people tell you what the word of God says, unless they are true men and women of God who hear from the Holy Spirit and fellowship with Jesus, who are mothers and fathers to the sheep. There are real apostles and prophets and God has anointed them to tear down and build up in these days. All of hell is against them but all of heaven is for them. The false doctrines will collapse under the glory of God. This is a promise. the Holy Ghost has come and is still active today.

  5. I went to bury my auntie in a Roman Catholic Church. I can tell you this they definitely do not know Jesus they do all these funny things religious things telling the congregation that's ok now pray through my auntie to Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. All the family and friends that were there wicked backbiters slanderous they hate each other. Yet when the preacher speaks they all say Amen. When I speak to them about Jesus I can see that they do not have a clue of who Jesus is. The Roman Catholic Church must conform to what the Bible say because the obviously do not read their Bible.

  6. this is so scary, and he is correct in terms of what the Bible said would come to pass before Jesus Christ return, however it is not Gary in terms of how Kenneth Copeland said it it's scary in terms of the Apostle Paul spoke of wolves that appear as sheep Satan's emissaries who appear as angels of light. because Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man coming to the father except by me and because the Bible says you shall know them by their fruits we used to say in the south the apple don't fall too far from the tree. And this young man that is truly according to the word the product of a corrupt tree which by the way I want to correct him so bluntly in terms of the Catholic Church being The Universal Church him and the devil and Kenneth Copeland and his wife is a lie straight from the pit of Hell. Jesus was not a denomination Jesus was the only way to eternal life as a matter of fact any supposedly denomination that errors or Strays away from the doctrine of Jesus Christ Jesus himself said these sheep do not belong to me. The Apostle Paul said If any man come to you with any other Doctrine aside from what he talk do not receive them. Kenneth Copeland is nothing but a heretic and an apostate, and unfortunately every Church Gore in his church or associated with him that subscribe to his teachings are as well walking in error and heretical teaching. This is why the Bible says broad is the way that leads to destruction, and Strait is the gate and few that be that find it. This is such a scary time because Jesus hand is so on the door people of God we're not in the last days of Christ returns we in the last minutes because Paul talked about in the New Testament that they were in the last times then that was over 2000 years ago so you know his hand is on the doorknob we are in the last minute and God is trying to do a Round-Up of those that are truly is. This truly is the time of that great falling away when the Bible says many because of having an itchy ear wanting to hear only what they want to hear we are in that time right now. We're in the time that we're the persecution that Jesus said would come for True Believer really isn't so much outside the church but it's inside because this coming along with others that have commented on this we're at a place where are we willing to stand in the face of the persecution from other believers that want to call you judgmental or other words my answer is yes I am. people of God if ever there was a time that the spirit of the bereans Believers that the Apostle Paul spoke up whom he said they study daily the scriptures to see if the things that Paul was saying was true if you do not take on the spirit of the Believers of the Berean Church you are going to be deceived and lost because you have dumb sheep that were co-signing this Antichrist Spirit operating in Kenneth Copeland and this man that is used to be the Forerunner for presenting is this Antichrist demon the Pope it is straight blasphemy. This man does not even believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and he admonishes churchgoers because that's what they are churchgoers to do away with that believe that Catholic Church is like a form of Babylon and it has nothing to do with the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross. Let me in with this any True Believer that truly wants to see Jesus Christ in peace the Bible says be separate says the Lord come from among them and I will receive you unto myself there many people that are going to have to make a decision are you following the idolatrous beliefs of the Catholic church and Kenneth Copeland and all those in the face movement Doctrine or are you going to stand on the word of God and follow Jesus Christ the choice is yours

  7. How dare you tell me separating from the catholic church is a sin, a religion run rampant with homosexuality and pedophilia rich enough to end world hunger yet corrupt with world banks and money laundering funding radical islam murdering christians through out the Arabic regions. You are Christs representative on earth? Of all the sick men women and children you have touched how many have you healed? Nun

  8. Was it propaganda that murdered millions of people, or the catholic church? The lord that I worship is not the one that Catholics worship, I will never worship porcelain idols calling Mary the mother of God. Lutherans have forgotten why they left the church in the first place. You do not decide for the true believers anything is over, because you say it is…………As for my house, we will serve the lord. Go back to your idol worshiping, your hidden messages in Latin

  9. Look into Kennith Copelands eyes and you can see he is the great deceiver, taking advantage of masses who follow his cursed ministry. You need to listen to Tony Palmers message that we that come in his name are stupid and sinful because we left the catholic church. If you are not offended then you are asleep with ears waxed closed.

  10. "Thank You Lord, Thank you Lord.." Kenny, you sound about as enthusiastic as I do when I have to go to the dentist.
    Raise your hands towards Him that you are thanking, say thank you like you mean it.
    Good grief !!

  11. The New World Order is about to be revealed. So too, the Antichrist.
    Guess who will be the author, compiler, editor, of this new "Unity Doctrine" ?
    I think we have been given a big hint.
    Who made Pope Francis Captain of the Unity Club?
    John:14:6. Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
    I refuse to pray to Mary, or to the dead people called saints.
    Jesus and Jesus only, stands before me in the presence of God
    and petitions for me.
    It appears I will be seeing Jesus in person very soon.

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