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  1. Dear Father James Martin, the Jesuits are dying. 36038 Jesuits in 1965; 16387 Jesuits at the beginning of 2017. Why is your Order dying? Because you have betrayed the original charism of your founder, St Ignatius, your Order has adopted self-destructive Liberation Theology and other pernicious heresies, and your Order has become infiltrated with homosexualists such as yourself. Like the church in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, etc., you will soon disappear into oblivion. Meanwhile, those parts of the Church which remain firm in Catholic orthodoxy will survive, supplanting your temporary ascendancy.

  2. May God open the eyes of all those who still believe that the man who goes by the name of "pope" Francis is a true Vicar
    of Christ, for he is instead the very False Prophet of the Book of Revelation.
    His foundations are rooted in gnosticism, and the branches of his apostate papacy reach all other occult arts, sects and heretical schools of thought (let us never dismiss the fact that he is a member of the Rotary Club, a masonic philanthropic elite organization which promotes unity of men through the abolition of religion).

    May all come to understand the difference between the false doctrine spread by this unfaithful clergy, and the True Doctrine imparted to us by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    God Bless +++

  3. Thank you, Father, for your enlightening video about our new Pope Francis. I now understand his "style" of public behavior. However, to be honest I'm one Catholic who has always had an appreciation for the symbolic outward forms of the Catholic/Orthodox Apostolical Tradition. For this reason my favorite Pontiff is still Pope Pius XII !

  4. baptisms origins come from a single oral story passed down from generations to generations, through thousands of years, translated threw texts and manuscripts  from the first time, the time of the gods, moses name originally meant saved from water, since his mother who was a pharaoh saved him from the nile, another god who's been saved from water is a god from south america called quetzalcoatl, he was said to of been shredded to pieces or something and his wife made a boat made of a certain type of material, and the egyptian god osiris has a very similar story as quetzalcoatl, which i believe is evidence of a lost highly advanced civilization that got wiped out by the flood of the last ice age, a global highly advanced technologically sophisticated civilizations that survived,  and spread their story from generation to generation through oral tradition, and now appear in the form of religious practices such as baptism.

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