Pope Francis Takes Ring of Peter ! 4th Vow Jesuit Pope Francis Takes Fishermen Ring of Peter !

Pope Francis has chosen the Fisherman Ring of Peter the Roman ! Petrus Romanus !




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  1. Trample….just like the days that Christ walked the earth, there were scoffers and non believers who made comments such as yours. I am Christian and I do believe that things like this are for HIS followers so that the prophecy of our BIBLE is fullfilled. Please don't be a hater. Come to Christ. Take some time to do some fact checking with the times we are in compared to what our BIBLE says…then please come back. GOD bless!

  2. Reading the comments, its easy to see how the holocaust could happen.

    So much false information being passed off as fact. I suppose if these false ideas continue, it will just be considered fact – who cares, right?

  3. A little more info for you youtubers. The pope was born in Argentina but his parents are both Italian, aka Roman. Also he chose St. Francis whos birth name means Peter. (Its Petrios or Petrico??)

  4. I had a vision about a year ago of a threshing machine and the wheat was already smashed down and gone and the bottom of the thresher wheels or whatever they are were burning with flames of fire. The harvest was already done, but the thresher still kept going and burning. Then I saw Jesus appearing in a huge waterfall. I was in deep praise and worship when I had this vision. Can anyone interpret it for me???

  5. Barley harvest(Passover) bride in The Fathers mansions( heaven bridal feast) ( harpzo or rapture) ….. Wheat harvest(trumipets) tribulation saints tested on the thirsting floor and put on Gods barn while the tares are burned with fire. And grape harvest ( wine press). 144,000 Israel tribes at the end whom weep at the one that was priced?

  6. 'Within the Flaming Sun'.

    They know of the Cyclical Cataclysm that is coming. The Destroyer.Nemesis.Teche.PlanetX.WormWood.Nibiru.

    They know Ether shall engulf this World as well. It surrounds the Center of our Galaxy. The Gnostics and Aztecs have much to say about the Fifth Element ending in cataclysm our 'Fifth Age of the Sun', as the other 'Four Sun Ages' were ended in cataclysm by the Four Elements, Earth.Wind.Fire.Water.

    Help us JesusKanbi~
    You are Our Only Hope.

  7. isn't every pope essentially named after "peter"? one video i watched said that basically every pope there ever was could be called the antichrist because of who they are. i understand the reasons why people are freaking out about this guy, and i am too a bit. i'm just wondering how truly unique this guy actually is compared to others.

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