Pope Francis, The EVIL Jesuit Oath

Dona Nobis Pacem – ENCORE http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/01/dona-nobis-pacem-encore.html

Original video by Alan Lamont: edited because of copyright claims


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  1. Hmmmmm……Great Video, Hans!!!
    The seat of the Vicar of Christ I believe typifies the Antichrist!
    I found the following on: http://www.ianpaisley.org/article.asp?ArtKey=antichrist_4

    " 'Antichrist' is a Greek word. 'Vicar' is an English word. The words are synonymous. They have exactly the same meaning. 'Antichrist' translated into the English is 'Vice Christ' or 'Vicar of Christ.' 'Vicar of Christ, rendered into the Greek is 'Antichristos' = 'Antichrist.' The ordinary use of the word in the Greek is decisive on this point. So every time the Pope claims to be, 'The Vicar of Christ,' he is pleading at the bar of the world's opinion that he indeed is THE ANTICHRIST."

    The Antichrist has been in plain view for all to see for centuries!  Just who, specifically, fills that seat?  Is it Pope Francis?  Is it Adolfo Nicolás?  Hmmmmm….

    God bless you, Hans!!!

  2. I don't like the term 'Christian', because MILLIONS dare to call themselves 'Christian', while they're not real followers of JESUS, and the first JESUS-followers didn't call themselves 'Christians', but the outsiders did, just in order to give them a label.
    Furthermore: I'm not raised as a 'Christian', but as a PAGAN, so I don't like to associate myself with this word.
    I'm a follower of JESUS, or a JESUS-follower, and when I use this term I also proclaim the NAME of JESUS, because 'Christ' is not a name, of which the word 'Christian' derives.
    Christ means Messiah, or Mashiach in Hebrew.
    JESUS means 'I AM Salvation', which is the name of GOD, supplemented with His capacity as Saviour.

    I write the name of my God in CAPITAL letters, because JESUS is GOD!

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