Pope Francis – The Jesuit Black Pope – My Revelation from Alan Lamont

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76 YEARS OLD = 7+6=13 3/13/2013=13.
As of 13/03/13, it has been 31 days since Benedict XVI announced his resignation
(11th of February), which also happened to coincide with the exact date that the
Lateran Treaty was signed on Feb 11th, 1929 (Note: 11+2 = 13) Rule 13
of Ignatius’ Rules states: “That we may be altogether of the same mind and in
conformity if [the Church] shall have defined anything to be black which to our eyes
appears to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black– If ever there
was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell
it is this Society of Loyola’s . . 1816 John Adams,to Thomas Jefferson: –.
The Black Pope The Black Pope Visits His Army Of Loyola At The Gesu
“See, my lord, from this room—from this room I govern not only Paris,
but China: not only China, but the whole world, without any one
knowing how ‘it is managed.’ ”
Michaelangelo Tamburini, 1720,14th Jesuit General, 1706-1730
Speaking to the Duke of Brancas”The operations of this powerful Society embrace every
part of the world, and are carried on by means of the most intricate machinery
ever contrived by man. The Society is divided in five classes:
1. Professed [Fathers] Members (Professi) [priests who have taken the
three perpetual vows and the deadly Jesuit Extreme Oath of the
perpetual Fourth Vow administered by the Jesuit General himself]
2. Spiritual Coadjutors [priests of the perpetual three vows]
3. Lay [Temporal] Coadjutors [lay brothers of three perpetual vows]
4. Approved Pupils [Juniors and Scholastics of three perpetual vows]
5. The Novices [training, concluded by taking three perpetual vows]
From his Residence in Rome the General directs the movements of the
Society in every part of the world by means of a system in which the art of
‘espionage’ is brought to perfection. Every month or every quarter he
receives reports from the heads of all the subordinate departments; and
every third year the catalogues of every province, with detailed reports on
the capacity and conduct of every member, are laid before him. Besides
this, the most active correspondence is maintained with all parts of the
world, in order to supply the Offices of the Society with the information
they require. In the central house at Rome are kept voluminous registers, in
which are inscribed the names of all Jesuits, of their adherents, and of all
the considerable persons, whether friends or enemies, with whom they have
any connection. In these registers, we are told, are reported without
alteration, without hatred, without passion, the facts relating to the life of
each individual. It is the most gigantic biographical collection that has ever
been formed. The frailties of a woman, the secret errors of a statesman, are
chronicled in these books with the same cold impartiality. Drawn up for the
purpose of being useful, these biographies are necessarily exact. When the
Jesuits wish to influence an individual, they have but to turn to these
volumes to know immediately, his life, his character, his faults, his family,
his friends, his most secret ties. By the use of such machinery the Order
has attained its high position and widespread influence.” “Ought we not to conclude
that we are called to win to God [the Pope], not only a single nation, a single country,
but all nations, all the kingdoms of the world?”
Ignatius Loyola, 1540 Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556 “The Pope, by Divine Right,
hath spiritual and Temporal Power, as supreme King of the World . . .” [for] “. . . the Pope
of Rome, as the Head of the Papal Government, claims absolute sovereignty and
supremacy over all the governments of the earth.” Jeremiah J. Crowley, quotes the same priest, David S. Phelan:
“Protestantism—We would draw and quarter it. We would impale it and hang it up for crow’s meat.
We would tear it with pincers, and fire it with molten lead, and sink it in a hundred fathoms
of hell-fire.


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