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14 Replies to “Pope Francis to meet on Tuesday with bishops from Venezuela”

  1. Enough talk start by executing the Pope and guilty Catholic priests. The Pope is a pedophile accused by two 13 yr old girls of rape and Satanic child sacrifices in the Vatican. The Catholic Church is behind much of the evil in this world. All Catholics are guilty by association because they continue to support these criminals who are clearly above the Law. May the Pope be struck down by a bolt of lightning and these criminals wiped off the Earth. Father in Heaven please punish these criminals swiftly and without mercy. Amen.

  2. Pope Francis imploring us to SILENCE, does not mean "worldly silence".
    This is a "spiritual war", how to fight the Spirit of LIES with the Spirit of TRUTH?
    Our weapon is SILENCE, we are not fighting flesh & blood here but the spirit of LIES behind the testimony and the continuous spread of fake news & false accusation.
    The fruit of SILENCE is PRAYER, only the force of prayerful silence can overcome the forces of evil spreading LIES.
    Learn the art of spiritual war.
    As Pope Francis said if you want to know the TRUTH, learn this;
    "the TRUTH is meek, the TRUTH is silent, the TRUTH is not noisy"

  3. Those so called "Catholic experts" who have turned their backs on Pope Francis, just keep in mind God doesn't have dementia; He sees your heart, He sees your motives. No Saint ever got to Heaven by trashing the Vicar of Christ on earth.
    I will ALWAYS be Catholic. Because no sin of man can change the truth. The truth that the Church is home. Home of the Apostles. Home of the Eucharist. Home of the Sacraments. My Home. And here I will stay to help clean up this house for Christ. Lord remember me.

  4. Your Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ : The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise.
    -Saturday, November 13th, 2010 @ 03:00

    My beloved daughter, you have come through a terrible persecution, which I permitted to free your soul from the torments of Hell.
    You are now free and your spirit will enable you to spread My Word, so that mankind can be released from the suffering that awaits them, should they be so foolish as to succumb to the evil one.

    You, My daughter, were sent right from the start. I Am making you stronger all the time, in but a few days.

    What do you think you will be like in a week, a year or two? A fighter, brave to the last, you will work with Me to clear the souls of My dearly beloved children, for whom I hold a deep and utterly loving Compassion. The Love courses through My Veins like a river. My Compassion never dwindles, despite the fact that they turn the other way.

    I will save them from the Torments of Hell.

    Tell them, My daughter, that I will save them from the torments of Hell. I need them to turn to Me in their joyless, confused state. There is only one way to love and peace. That will be in My New Paradise, when Heaven and Earth will become one.
    Don’t they know this? Have they never heard of My promise of old?

    The promise of eternal life, where they – all mankind who turn to Me – will be lifted body, soul and mind into the New Earth and Heaven, when they combine, once again, in the Paradise for so long promised to My Father’s children.

    Believe. I beseech you. Think. If you have never been exposed to Holy Scripture, then ask yourself this simple question. If you feel love in your hearts, where do you think this comes from?
    Is it love that makes you feel gentle, humble, yearning and free of all ego? If so, then, this is the love that I promise all My children who turn back to Me.

    How worldly ambitions leave you empty.

    It is hard, I know, dear children, to believe in a different world to the one in which you live. Remember that this world was created by God the Eternal Father, then it was soiled by the works of the deceiver. He, Satan, is extremely cunning.

    You, My children, must surely know that the worldly ambitions, which you find insatiable, do not fulfil you? You feel an emptiness, which you cannot explain, or understand. Isn’t this so?

    And then you strive for more and more. But yet, you are still not satisfied when you feel you should be. Why is that? Have you looked into your hearts and asked why? Why? The answer is very simple.

    God created mankind. Mankind was tempted by Satan. Satan exists in this beautiful world that My Eternal Father created out of Pure Love. Sadly, he, Satan, will exist until My Second Coming.

    He will, then, be exposed for the sheer lies and deception, which he has manifested in My children. By then it will be too late for many of My children, including those who are unsure or hesitant in believing in the Divine superior Creation of My Father’s Kingdom.

    Do not reject Me.

    Listen! I, Jesus Christ, the Saviour, was sent to give you all a second chance to enter My Father’s Kingdom. Hear now My promise. Listen to My Voice, sent by Divine grace, through My visionaries and prophets in today’s world, and understand that all My children are equal in My Father’s Eyes.

    Those who follow Him are blessed, but suffer torture for the souls who do not believe and who refuse to listen. God made the world. It did not appear from nowhere. Man did not, nor could not invent such a Miracle, which science will never be able to explain.

    The Divine Supernatural can never be truly understood, until all children of God surrender in mind, body and soul to the Pure Love that I offer.

    Please, I beseech all of you, do not reject your Creator. Please do not listen to the deceit of the lies you have been told by the deceiver, through divisions of the freemasons, the Illuminati, the false prophets and the bizarre and totally evil cults that have evolved through the naivety of man.

    Satan is real.

    Mankind is weak. Even the most holy of followers fall prey to the constant temptations of the evil one. The problem is that they, those who seek pleasure, do not believe he is real. Others do know he is real and that he does exist. They are the ones who cause Me the most heartbreak.

    Wounds opening once again and festering.

    I Am suffering to such an extent that the Wounds inflicted upon Me at My terrible Crucifixion, to which I succumbed, are opening once again and festering, leaving Me in the utmost painful agony of Body, Soul and Divinity. Yet I will never give up loving all of you.

    I call on you, from the Heavens and on behalf of My Eternal Father, Who created each and every one of you, out of Pure Love to stand firm. Reject Satan. Believe that he exists. Accept that he does. Open your eyes. Can’t you see the havoc he causes in your lives? Are you blind?

    A Message to the rich.

    To the rich I say stop, think, and ask God for just one moment, is your role in living God’s Commandments pleasing to you?
    Does it feel right? Have you denied Me, at the expense of worldly excesses?

    These same excesses and pleasures will leave you empty of heart. You will know, in your own heart, that it does not feel right. Yet, you will still thirst for more of the empty and yet exciting promises that you are given by the deceiver in return for your soul.

    A Message to those who follow the Illuminati.

    I implore all of you, especially My children who have been sucked into the Illuminati and other such evil entities. Once there, you are doomed to eternal damnation.
    Don’t you understand that what you have been promised, in return for your soul, is a lie, a deceitful and frightening lie. You will never receive the gifts promised by this sinister messenger from the depths of Hell.

    As your Saviour on the Cross, I gave up My Life to save you. Please do not let Me lose you now. I love you, My children. I weep as I implore you one last time not to reject Me in favour of the deceiver.

    I will forgive all who confess.

    I cannot interfere with your free will because that is one of the Gifts given to you when you were born in the Light of God. I will be coming, as Scriptures foretold, very shortly – sooner than anyone can comprehend.

    The world will plunge into darkness and despair. Yet, I will forgive all, and every single one of My children who when their sins are revealed to them, no matter how offensive they are, instantly, at the moment of confession.

    They will enter body and soul into Paradise when Heaven and Earth will become one, where all of you will live for eternity with your family, forever and ever.

    Promises that Paradise has to offer.

    No illness, bodily corruption, no sin – just love. That is the promise of My Paradise. No one will want for anything. Everyone will live in harmony, joy and love.

    The reality of Hell.

    Do not reject this life for the life you have been promised by Satan! You are being lied to. If you follow this path where God, or I, Jesus Christ, your Saviour, is not a part, then you are on the path to eternal damnation.

    You will scream with terror when you realise the error. By then you will plead for Mercy, you will tear at your face, pull out your hair, but because you have free will, a Gift from My Father, it cannot be taken away from you. When you choose this false path, you will suffer damnation and burn in Hell forever. It is very real.

    The greatest damnation, when you know you will never see the Face of God.

    The biggest damnation is finally realizing that there is a God. That I, your Saviour Jesus Christ, actually Exists and there will be no way, at that stage, to save yourselves.

    Your family may look at you from the other side. When that happens, and you realise the awful truth, it will be too late. Remember these Words.
    The greatest damnation is when you know that you will never see the Face of God. That will be the greatest torment and one that will stay with you forever in the fires of Hell, where pain is constant and unrelenting.

    You will, instead of enjoying the paradise promised to you, through the lies of the deceiver, end up in the terrifying corridors of Hell. It is very real and represents suffering for eternity.

    Please, all of you who do not believe I Am communicating with mankind, I ask that you pray to My Sacred Heart. Pray My Divine Mercy at 3 o’clock each day.
    I will respond to your request with Love, which you will feel instantly. Hold My Hand children. Don’t let go. I love you all so much that I gave up My Life for each and every one of you, so that you could be saved.

    This time I come to Judge. Much as I love you, I cannot interfere with the Gift of free will, which was bestowed on you by My beloved Father.
    I hope that through My modern day visionaries and prophets that you will finally listen. The Truth is the way, remember, to eternal salvation and a new beginning when Paradise returns to Earth.

    The lies of Satan.

    The lies, no matter how seductive, are just that. Lies, designed to steal the beloved souls, which cannot be released by My Father, the Creator and Maker of Earth.

    Your Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ

  5. Why don't you Catholics get it? OUR LADY, and Saints, Prophets, Mystics and GOD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF had warned the Catholics be aware of the leaven of the Pharisees and He said WATCH AND PRAY… You Catholics had failed your faith miserably. Don't you know the Secret Societies which are Synagogue of Satan had been taken over the Catholic church since 1958 to present. Those guys are faggot-pedophiles of the Jewish Kabbalah. They are the seeds of Satan. They are the sons of Satan and Lucifer. They spewed out of their mouths nothing but APOSTASY. Their teachings and doctrine come from the Luciferian Talmudic and Zohar of babel, the devils themselves.

    KICK ALL THE JEWS, FAGGOTS, PEDOPHILES, COMMUNISTS, GLOBALISTS, MODERNISTS, and APOSTATES OUT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Elect a real Holy Catholic Pope who would do the consecration of Russia immediately. New Holy Catholic Pope must order all Catholics do penance and make reparation to both Hearts. He must restore the Holy Mass back to the codified mass that was promulgated by St. Pope Pius V… No more blasphemous and sacrilegious new mass of the Jews and Protestants. New mass is an insult to God, that's why
    those Luciferians fake popes and fake bishops want you stupid sheep to follow.

    Don't you Catholics know that Judaism and Protestantism, Modernism, Communism, Globalism and so on… come from Satan/Lucifer???

  6. Canis familiaris Viganò

    Justice is not served by a 5th column rat or any comrade house monkey. When the Mob seeks to usurp the moral pillars of their salvation in exchange for a foundation of perverted implications, then know that they have refuted their legitimacy throughout all transmutable realms.

    The Mob have brazenly (and unwittingly) impoverished themselves by fixating their eyes on high — and are actually attempting to sacrifice the complicit [unfortunately] and idle laity with their placid slander and self-righteous hypocrisy. Such fascism will undoubtedly erupt into geopolitical implications with genocidal tendencies to the beat of their contentious drum.

    Recently, the Mob also coerced the downfall of another Archbishop, now abandoned in a kangaroo court of 'justice' in Australia. This man is innocent. And Donald Trump, the President of the United States, this office is not indifferent to the malignant disenfranchisement attributed to "Fake News". Do remember, it is already written, imperishable truths are the faith and patience of the Saints, Brothers & Sisters alike.

  7. The President Bishop of American Bishops ask you to launch an investigation on the sex abuse cases in America but it’s already more than 1 week and you haven’t replied.
    Some of US states have started their own investigation. And after that the whole USA will investigate it. And we will see the downfall of your papacy in shame!

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