Pope Francis to meet with 60,000 altar boys on July 31

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  1. Thousands upon thousands deceived by this false, deceiving, beguiling, based on works and not on the GRACE of GOD “religion”. Many now calling mary, “mama mary” and that she is mother of all, we’ll she may be the catholics mama but she ain’t mine. YUK. They claim that “mary” is the mediator between JESUS and us when JESUS, plain as day, invite ALL to come to HIM and that HE will turn no one away. Whereas, we do need a mediator between us and GOD and “THAT MEDIATOR” is JESUS. They claim they eat JESUS actual body when they take communion, then you are a cannibal, catholics; and IF that were a fact, then that would mean JESUS would have had to die every time you have communion. JESUS sacrificed HIS life ONCE and for ALL. Pick up your Bible, catholics. Finally, IF any doctrine, teaching, pastor, teacher, elders bishop, pope, or even an angel from heaven or anything/anybody causes you to take your eyes off of JESUS and TRY to “rob” CHRIST of the glory that belong to HIM…then that doctrine and/or etc is a LIE/LIAR and from the pit of HELL and to hell it will go and all those who put their trust in these false doctrines/dogmas. Our eyes are to be always on JESUS our ONLY HOPE and acceptance by GOD. JESUS is THE WAY, THE DOOR, THE TRUTH, LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE, FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER, BREAD OF LIFE, RESURRECTION, HEAVEN, THE TRUE PATH, FREEDOM, PEACE, REST, COMFORT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, GOD MANIFEST IN FLESH, THE KEY TO HEAVEN, TRUE, THE ALL& EVER EXISTING ONE and ALL THOSE WHO HAVE PLACED their trust, hope and faith “in” HIM are The Redeemed, Saved Ones. It is only through JESUS CHRIST that we will ever be accepted, forgiven, washed and made clean. Don’t be fooled/deceived by any imitations. Maranatha. (7/30/18).

  2. The Anti Christian Roman cult. An abomination that has caused so much harm and suffering for centuries that it has to be eradicated once and for all. Or just ignored as they only have power in the minds of those that believe the wicked fraudsters have. The Jesuit criminals and co.

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