The papal visit by the blasphemous pope Francis is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. His address to congress (and the United Nations) makes it official that the USA has fornicated with the beast power of Revelation. The Vatican wants to push the global warming issue as a reason to eventually pass Sunday laws to ease the burden on the environment. The Family Day will also be another reason to push Sunday worship – the counterfeit Sabbath. God rested, sanctified, and hollowed the 7th Day, Saturday, not Sunday. The Catholic religion and political power is one step closer to accomplishing their goals of breaching the separation of church and state.

While this pope may pretend to admire our religious freedom in the USA, he is anything but a lover of the free will. A close look at the long and evil history of the Jesuits, will reveal that it is one of the most sinister and corrupt organizations on the planet. Don’t be deceived by the humility and charm charade put on by the pope. Behind closed doors, the wrath of Satan the Dragon is being prepared to be unleashed upon the entire world.

The Church of Rome is teaching a vast piles of rubbish that is deceiving the entire world. The office of the papacy is the antichrist and is indeed the fornicating beast power addressed throughout the Book of Revelation. It is absolutely impossible that it could be anything else! Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren are examples of daughter harlot church leaders who are now a big part of the unification, interfaith movement to unite the protestant churches with Catholicism. The New World Order is unifying the political and religious leaders of nations to form a one world government. You can help stop the pope by distributing copies of the Great Controversy, written by Ellen White. This amazing book was inspired by God and given to us as modern day prophecy. It was written over 100 years ago, yet perfectly predicts exactly what we are seeing happen today. Get this book out to the masses and into the hands of people like Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Prison Planet Staff, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, Tom Sullivan, Lester Holt, 60 Minutes Staff, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Some of these people are manipulation agents by the Globalists, while others are sincere and will someday become true Sabbath keepers and stand with those who keep the commandments of God.


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