Pope in Santa Marta: The devil persecutes human beings to destroy them

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About the Author: thejesuit


  1. Ohhh look…. A demon, from a brotherhood of demons, that worship a demon, talking about the devil!!
    Isn't funny?

    Are you angry that your fallen lord's plan, failed??
    Now, why don't you keep your frustrations to YOURSELF, and stop making stupid speeches like these, you defeated loser??

    Do you know why revelations 18:3 says " for all nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries"??
    Adulteries means ADULTERATIONS!
    The whore of babylon( Vatican, Christian church, The church of Peter/ Tammuz) that adulterated, changed, ALL God's law, all truth, and turned it all into a circus of lies and INSANITY (maddening wine, from the word MAD= crazy, insane)
    Isn't funny that from so many words , the Gods chose exactly that one??

    The church of Tammuz, the church of adulterations that changed all TRUTH , like God's law that forbid the killing of animals, or the fact God is a God of JUSTICE , but that Tammuz adulterated and created a clown God, a false " God of love", " God of mercy" that NEVER EXISTED!
    Or the most outrageous one , the lie that " all sins are forgiven", a lie that was used by Nimrod as well.

    This church is a JOKE, and its days are NUMBERED!
    Its destruction has been foretold a long time ago and still amazes me to this day, the fact that after so many adulterations, and also texts that were hidden and burned, Constantine and the earlier popes forgot to hid precisely the text that foretell THEIR FALL!!
    Isn't hilarious??
    No matter what you do, no matter what you try, the Gods ALWAYS WIN!

    Face the fact already you losers , you chose the wrong side!

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