Pope in Santa Marta: We are hypocrites if we are afraid to let ourselves be loved by God

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About the Author: thejesuit


  1. It's a good lesson to be taught but if Pope Francis has covered-up and permitted clergy like Cardinal McCarrick to remain in a position of authority that would make himself a hypocrite.

    To live a life as a Christian you have to put yourself into Christ's shoes think about what He would do in a situation. I'm not saying the Catholic Church is wrong because the doctrine is in the fullness of the truth but rather the clergy should be practicing what they preach. Hell we all make mistakes but we should own up to those mistakes because we are imperfect like what St. Peter done after he denied Christ three times he asked for forgiveness. The question is what would Christ want you to do?

  2. These members we will never go out and preach the gospel when they walk out of mass because they do not have the holy spirit. The fire burning in them to testify to the truth! I know. I was a dead Catholic. A lost soul. Content in being complacent.
    Then Jesus called me out! I have a testimony. A fire in me that will not be quenched. I see the world and read the bible with new eyes and ears. I see the deceptions of this church.
    Why do their members flee or attack when hearing street preachers testify truth? Because life is not in them. They are children of the devil and lead by MALEVOLENT spirits.

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