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  1. I just wish this guy was not SDA. Ellen White was not a true prophet. Which causes people to reject the sabbath just because of her. She had failed prophecies, and she "barrowed" from other writers. She was well read, and well studied, but not a prophet. ANd was wrong about a few things, like quinine. Which led to the death of a child when quinine is actually NATURAL and she said not to use it.

  2. That’s great! I like David Baron also. I have the book, GODS HOLIDAYS, by Richard and Melody Drake, best one I’ve read. I think u can download it. Ted Schultz is a great speaker about the feasts also, he’s on BETV, Bible explorations.

  3. yes the sabbaths meaning the seventh day sabbath and the feasts. If jesus did away with the feasts why did he and the disciples before and after his death still keep them?

    only the sacrificial parts of the feasts and the offerings are done away with.

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