Illuminati Vatican II The Whore Of Babylon Pope Paul VI EXPOSED


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  1. Trump is Abaddon mentioned in Revelation 9:11.  Follow through and watch TOM HORN's video on his Zenith book part 1 and 2.  Trump threw the gauntlet signal to the NWO.  Once the do the self inflicted wound by nuking the Vatican by their own creation of Islam, we will move into Revelation 11.  They have had us under a spell mentioned in Revelation 18:23.  When the Vatican aka the whore of Babylon is nuked it will fulfill Revelation 18:9-10.  I invite you to hear my video called Meeting Jesus While Working for the Illuminati.  I stood with a 3rd Order Jesuit who had also worked for NASA with a planned front row seat to 911.  I apologize for the low audio as it was my first video and I was nervous as I was still under the custody of a corrupt (Freemason) Judge in the state of Virginia.  If you understand those connections, go watch the one called Dick next then the one called My Illuminati Picture Show and Tell….hurry not much time left….the pope is LUCIFER in the flesh….once the Vatican is nuked Trump will become like a sitting king under FEMA — the disaster does not have to take place on US soil.  j e r USA l e m.  HURRY…time is of the essence….

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