Pope quits? Here is the real reason why.

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  1. I don't believe any thing a priest would say, there to many pedophiles in the priest hood.
    this is not being vindictive it is truth told be men That this happen to them when they were alter boys in the church.THEM AS YOUNG BOYS.

  2. You said that nobody has ever stepped down from being the Pope, no Pope has ever resigned. Very incorrect ….. From Google In fact, we have had not less than three who resigned, including Pope Celestine V in 1294 and Pope Gregory XII in 1415. Pope Benedict XVI was not forced into taking that decision

  3. yea, well…..i sure as hell ain't gonna believe you…..who the hell are you?  Mr. known it all?    you better really dig down and research your info before flapping your jaws….ya think?     woo hoo!!

  4. I don't think most people realize just how powerful The Pope is. Such as The Pope can abolish any law in the United States and his laws are obligatory on everyone. Just to name a couple of his powers. The thing is that he keeps a low profile, well as low of a profile that being The Pope allows anyway. When the time comes and whoever The Pope is when that time comes will show the world his powers. And i believe they to be powers used for evil. Just my opinion.

  5. Does it occur to any of you dumbass's that Religion is a lie and scam? The Pope stepping down for corruption? How about cornholing alter boys? When does it sink in to you fools that you are being bamboozeld by the Priests whether Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Muslim. They all are fucking with your minds and you are going along with it.

  6. El Pope QUIT In merito alle ricerche fatte dalla Fondazione Keshe esistono su Youtube svariati video, tra cui quello relativo alla conferenza (in inglese) del dott. Keshe che spiega quelle che sono le sue scoperte e le innovazioni tecnologiche che potrebbero svilupparsi concretamente e potrebbero cambiare radicalmente le sorti di una Umanità che sta andando verso la distruzione, grazie al sistema di Potere CABAL.

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