Pope takes small apartment over residence

Pope Francis prefers his modest suite over the official residence, CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/


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  1. Papal infallibility is a dogma of the Catholic Church that states that, in virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error.
    Napoleon catholic and supported by the pope. Mussolini Catholic and supported by the pope. Hitler catholic and supported by the pope. Franco catholic and supported by the pope. That’s Europe now Latin America….

  2. The Baphomet Roman Catholic Church 🐺… and the 💩 pope 🤡…homosexual child rapist… cannibal…pagan sun god worship from Babylon…you serpent seed👺… how’s Switzerland 🇨🇭… loved seeing those mind controlled slaves… Swiss Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony… what are you going to do?… they have a warrant for your arrest poop 🔥💩🤡🤛… Latin may have hid you from those to lazy to know The Almighty for themselves… but they are deceived…we all know about the Mysterious Babylon … it’s you… Your goddess Vatica…that ancient pagan temple and grave yard are under the Vatican… it’s why that abominable place was chosen by Satan to rebuild there… 😀… dude the internet… Tells All…so now that I am good and 😡… as hell and damnation Fire …where are the children you homosexual pimps🤡… I know you like the babies … wanna ask the Queen…she left you alone … but now you reptilian’s are being brought into the Glorious Light of YeHoVaH… the Father of Yeshua Messiah… I ain’t Jewish… you Jesuit … I hope to visit you in jail murders …I want to see you pinned up … hey💡… bright side 💡… you are a homosexual…☹️… sorry just bug ugly crazy imps for you … no children 😱… can you take it…🤡… let’s not leave your idiots in crime…👁👈🏿… the Entertainment Industry…didn’t you just love the Gala 2018… that is the very thing that …WOKE ME UP…🤟🏿

  3. Pope Francis is such a breath of fresh air for our church that needs to be humbled. For far too long the lavish luxuries have overtaken the real issues our church needs to face; corruption, clergy sex abuse, cover ups, the list goes on. Our Lord was compassionate to the marginalised, poor, desperate and outcast people, I can see Francis as a true role model of Jesus' behaviour. He is not destroying the church, rather he is breathing real life back into it.

  4. Ich halte diesen Papst für einen ekelhaften, linkssozialistischen u. "politisch korrekten" Gutmenschen. Seine plakativ zur Schau gestellte Bescheidenheit ist vollkommen unangemessen und nicht zweckdienlich. Die Römische Kirche muss repräsentieren und klotzen und nicht knausern, um ihre kulturelle und monetäre Überlegenheit gegenüber dem Islam und anderen minderwertigen Kulten bzw. U.S.-Amerikanischen happy clappy-Sekten zu demonstrieren! Dieser "Bettelpapst" ist nur peinlich! Wann wird er wohl anfangen, sich zu entschuldigen, Christ zu sein? – Die Inquisition sollte sich Seiner annehmen und ihn schleunigst in die Registratur des Vatikans entsorgen, ehe er noch mehr Flurschaden anrichtet!

  5. Seriously this doesn't make sense… it's not like they will save on rent or anything when he doesn't live in the residence?
    so he lives in the small apartment, okay, but the residence will stay empty for years while they will still have to pay for maintenance and so on without even being used?! That's kinda counterproductive

  6. lm very grateful for the Pope's Francisco hi. always remember the people who don't have enough money he is very humble l love Po pe Francisco he told everyone to pray for him that love for everyone Rich or. poor he don't asked what religion he loves Every human he is leaving saints God bless Pa Pa Francisco. Marian.

  7. If you want to know the truth about what the pope really is trying to do,  If you wish to hear the truth about the Pope Francis agenda , and the Mark of the Beast read the Great Controversy by E.G. White; written in early 1900s; it include the history of  early Christians persecution;various quorts from former priest Martin Luther,what  the pope did;the roll of America in these last days,and it also talk about How its (the World) is going to end; check it out! don't be deceive; great read; God bless you; Marly 

  8. I loved John Paul the Second. I did not have the same feelings for Pope Benedict. I did not feel 'close' to him. But this Pope here, Francis, has the potential to be as revered as John Paul the Second.

    At every opportunity he is turning his back on the trappings of riches – as the Saint he is named after did, and he is closer to the people then Benedict ever was. He reminds me a lot of John Paul and already has the trust and love of many people around the world and many faith leaders too.

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