Popery,Bilderberg mtg,Order Out Of Chaos.Cashless v Privacy.Volcanoes.PaulRyan pushes Image of Beast

Popery & Bilderberg meet to bring Order Out Of Chaos. Papacy to control Global Economy via imminent Financial Collapse. Cashless vs Privacy. Frequent Volcanoes signs of End of World. Paul Ryan calls for New Evangelization, the Image of Beast


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  1. Something is ABSOLUTELY coming from this bilderberg meeting if a high ranking Catholic is there for the first time.

    Also the 5-Star movement in Europe is aggregating a Sunday reform. No wonder North Korea needs to join the rest of the world at this summit.

    I pray my faith be strengthened but it saddens me how many at my local church, especially the youth care more about LeBron James and Steph Curry than getting ready.

    66th bilderberg meeting on the 6th month of the year is the first time the Vatican joins…. Coincidence? Eyes wide open saints!!

  2. What about the person that has to walk alone?? Isolation and set apart. Only GOD can open doors for us to take us to the country He has prepared. Peace, to trust God during a time like this. Encouraging others who want to move but, can't see their way out. God cares and We MUST have faith.

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