Pope’s Merry Mass of Christ (A) – 12/24/18 – Eric Jon Phelps

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  1. That fake NWO Satan spawn aposte heratic who is called Francis! He's not of God or His church. He was years ago a bouncer and a killer in Argentina! This Jesuit evil pos is of satans playground! He said Jesus accomplished nothing by dying on the cross! REALLY? Only Satan would blasphem like this. ! Do not follow this pos He will take you to hell bible in hand!

  2. Christ was not born on December 25th, and telling your children that He did is a lie, it breaks the Commandment-Thou shalt not bear false witness- we are to shew His death till He comes 1 Cor.11:25-26, and how often did His apostles and disciples do this, twice a year, 3 times a year? No, it was on the night which He was betrayed Matt.26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, which was the evening of the 13th of Aviv, the first month on the Hebrew Calendar, because Christ was crucified on the 14th day of Aviv John 19:31, and arose on the 16th day of Aviv.

  3. X-mass is a monumental sham. It's the epitome of how Satan takes something so vile and filthy and crafts it to appeal to the masses as something good. It's pure guile. This hurts the body of Christ because they use Christ's birth for this wretched occasion, and foolish believers don't question it. They get ANGRY when confronted with the truth. "God knows my Heart", blah, blah, blah… It's beyond heinous the ignorance of Christians believing God would sanction Dec. 25 as a Holy Day. The one true God Jesus never authorized celebrations of anyone's birthday, let alone his own. He would NEVER condone commemorating his birth. His DEATH, resurrection, and returning Kingdom – YES. Birthday – NO WAY. This whole season is an outrageous MOCKERY of our God and Lord Jesus Christ who is coming for his Bride. We are idiot dolts who are programmed to accept this Dec. 25 rubbish waste. The marketing and advertisements are incessant. It is repeatedly drilled into our heads every, single, year to 'celebrate'. It is so contrived. It's a manufactured, man-made tradition and wickedness. It is ROBBING the people of the One True Lord. We're being manipulated and controlled by these man-made holidays, to spend money, eat, drink, make merry. Keeping Jesus a baby in the arms of Mother Mary every single year is blasphemy. It diminishes his POWER, misrepresents his resurrected authority, and blasphemes the anointing power of the Holy Ghost. I HATE CHRISTMAS! GOD HATES THIS IDOLATRY!!!!! VANITY!!!

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