PRIEST=WARNING of New World Order Also seeEx-Jesuit Alberto Rivera & exZIONIST=BEN FRIEDMAN

Priest John O-Connor & EX-JESUIT PRIEST Alberto Rivera both were warning of EVIL of New World Order. Also Google Ex ZIONIST=Benjamin Friedman in 1961 Friedman was warning of New World Order

Both Priest were Declared INSANE by Catholic Church, Jesuits offered all the way up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS if Ms Rivera would sign a Sworn Statment Rivera was INSANE

Take a little time, Google JESUIT OATH, they take a OATH in front of SKULL & BONeS, Just Like three Generation of Bush Family, SKULL & BONeS YALE

New World Order have us DRUGGED with a NEUROTOXIN its tiny aluminum, lead, barium=Killing our Bees, it attaches to Ends of Neurons in our BRAINS, get in THYROID =causing DEPRESSION

Its EUGENICS 1/4 of American Girls cannot have Babies, Its cauising 7 types of CANCER and Kidney and many other Health Problems

Watch Films read Scientific Reports at

Take Pure Water, Distilled Water, Reverse Osmossis Machine, 5 stage filter at tARGET STORE

Avoid Products that says Sodium thats SODIUM FLUORIdE

It will eat up Meat & 16 penny Iron Nails its in Cola’s, the Aluminum in Cola’s is getting into BRAIN

50% of what you consume eachday stays permanently in a Cell, organ, Bones of the Body, then it causes many many Health Problems.

Watch my other Films

The People behind this EVIL own the FEDERAL RESERVE jsut Google 59min ute Film Documentary “FIAT EMPIRE”

The Fed Res is a Violation of the United States Constitution, its INSANITY to Borrow Money we Could Print Ourself.

Kennedy signed 11110 for TREASURY to start back printing INTEREEST FREE MONEY, they printed 4.2 Billion Released 2 & 5 they MURDERED Him before 10 & 20 were released.

TV’s Programs evolved from Military PSY-OPS, just listening to Sound causes ENDORFINS to be released in BRAIN, making TV ADDICTIVE

They replaced Cocaine in Cola, Pepesi etc with Phosphoric Acid & 14 Teaspoons ful of SUGAR, the BONUS is the Sodium its really HEX-ACID thats what damaing People BRAINS etc,

Lifting the Veil…
Here in this Short 1986 Clip – Some Parts… of the Huge Body of the Catholic Church is Exposed…
Priest John O-Connor ( now deceased) Courageously Share with us what he knows about his Church… find out from the mouth of a Catholic Priest The Connection between the : Maitreya (Benjamin Creme), Freemasonry, Global elite, Antichrist communist movement, new age occult practice. … … … … … and the Vatican.
After His Historical speech Priest John O’Conner was ordered to : Undergo psychological evaluation and then later dismissed from the church…

“If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…. If they persecuted Me they will persecute you… for they do not know the One who sent Me.” John 15:19-21



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  1. 1. Weishaupt ordered Illuminati to DESTROY Catholic Church, says MI6 Dr John Coleman.
    2. Committee 300 ordered Club Of Rome to DESTROY Catholic Church, says John Coleman.
    3. British Monarchy (Anglican Church) is head of Committee 300.
    4. ALL US PROTESTANT Churches are under control of Illuminati Tavistock Institute, SATANIC Committee 300 institution (NCC is front Tavistock client).
    5. Rockefeller Commission report says CLEARLY that Vatican is front oppositionist against population control policy

  2. Bankers best guesses about the Vatican wealth put it at $10 billion to $15 billion. On this wealth, Italian stockholdings alone run $1.6 billion. The Vatican has investments in banking, chemical, steel, constructions, real estate. According to Vatican's wealth: MICROSOFT ($240 billion) = 16 VATICANS. APPLE = 20 VATICANS. NOKIA = 3 VATICANS. BP OIL COMPANY & ROTHSCHILD'S FEDERAL RESERVE PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL = HUNDREDS OF VATICANS. Vatican runs New World Order? Do some research before you talk.

  3. It is historical fact that Carbonarism (Alta Vendita), The Most Poweful European Freemasonry Movement of The Rothschilds, led by Carl Mayer from House of Rothschilds, by secret authentic documents called "Alta Vendita" says: Our ultimate end is the final DESTRUCTION OF CATHOLICISM, and even of the Christian idea…The Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies, it is up to the secret societies to take the first step toward the Church, with the aim of CONQUERING BOTH OF THEM."

  4. Vatican and New World Order are completely opposed to each other. Even Russian Tsarist General to Russian Prince Nicholas II Romanov and also to his Russian Royal Family, and close friend to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, in first publication EVER about Zionist NWO conspiracy called "The Secret World Government, The Hidden Hand", about Khazarian Committee 300 (just like MI6 Dr John Coleman), says that Rothschilds NWO front plan is FIGHT with Vatican.

  5. Weishaupt, just like Illuminati Grandmaster Albert Pike and New Age, today's Satanism precursor Aleister Crowley (Ordo Templi Orientis, Order of Golden Dawn) harbored particular hatred for Catholic Church which he saw as great enemy of his movement. He clearly declared that Illuminati would bore away from Catholic Church until its timbers were rotted away, leaving a hollow shell that would then collapse. Weishaupt (EX-Jesuit) made Illuminati on behalf of The Rothschilds, NOT "Vatican/Jesuits"

  6. Vatican is NOT New World Order. The Top Secret Society of British Aristocracy which direct NWO international banking and start Illuminati Committee 300 (check correctly Quigley and Coleman – REAL investigators) is Queen Elizabeth's Order of The Garter, and she's also head of PROTESTANT ANGLICAN CHURCH. The Most Venerable Order of The Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem is Anglican Order under direction of Duke Richard of Gloucester in the name of QUEEN, NOT Pope.

  7. LOL

    Now the failure of the reform, that is, the Tamuld-protestant is fault of the Jesuits?

    Luther and Calvin were pro-talmud and Calvin even was a Jew. That is how the Jews have taken the power in Netherlands and England having Banks and controlling the world because finally Protestants like Cromwell in England or "Williams the Silent" in Netherlands, both protestants, allowed Jews to practice the USURY, something that the Catholic church consider a sin.

  8. LOL

    The Catholic church has been the only institution to be anti-NWO. They have burn many times the Talmud, they have expelled jews from all Latin-countries in Europe and Latin America. The Protestants are the slave of Jews, see Cromwell.

    The Jews began to enter in the Jesuit to DESTROY the Catholic Church. There is a fight in the Church right now because a bad part of the Jesuits (not all) want to take the place of Peter, that is, Benedict and substituted the Bible by the Talmud.

  9. All of this is part of a deception that has gone on as long as men have walked on the earth.

    There is a Youtube user called freefall82nd who has been talking about your work and findings. He has a very interesting take on all of this. You should watch the videos….one of them is called "Know your enemy" pt. 1. That is one you might find interesting, but also check out some of freefall82nd's other recent videos. Thanks for making these thought-provoking and very interesting videos!

  10. Jesuits were the "funnel" through which "Reform" was pushed upon the faithful who did not know what traitors they had become. Christ's Church remains outside of "rome" & must disobey its false teachings.. Reformists of V-2 no longer hold the Faith. Impostors occupy the Vatican — is NOT CATHOLIC. The false church intended to invalidate Mass & Sacraments, the result of the 100-yr Liturgical "Reform" to "change everything." Priests in chapels offer VALID TRENT Mass & sacraments independently.

  11. Vat 2 was planned for 100 yrs (Pope Leo XIII saw this vision at the end of Mass–he was so terrified of the coming threat he immediately composed & declared his prayer to St. Michael after every low Mass to defend against the Diabolical Enemy. Without knowing V-2 was planned many would be tricked into following false popes–confusion duped them by a fraudulent Council. Reformers hated Mass of Trent–in 1922 revesed altars & re-worded Mass. see photo in "Mass of the Future" Ellard.

  12. Also see The Invisible Government, Dan Smoot; The Road to Serfdom, F.A.Hayek; Tragedy & Hope,(the darling of Obama) Carroll Quigley; Secrets of the Fed Res, E.Mullins; Freedom on the Altar (UN crusade against God & Family, Wm. Norman Grigg; Toward a Soviet America, Wm. Z. Foster, Pres. of CPUSA, how they are doing it; The Coming Battle,1997, book lost since 1899, told then how enriched money power BLOCKS paying off the National Debt! Diamond-hard evidence. Walter Pub. & ed. 541-955-0117.

  13. Read people read. Warnings of Fed. Reserve are pooh-poohed by Fed Insiders & Birch Society besmirched so people would not find out–G.Ed.Griffin,"Creature From Jekyl Island," Lines of Credit-Ropes of Bondage, Bobby Goldsborough; Planned Destruction of America, Dr.Wardner, Deliberate Dumbing Down of America Iserbyt. Wonder who the enemy REALLY is? Vatican Conciliarists AR23, P6, JP2, B16 "imply" "hope-of-the-future-Communism" & anti-Communist Fr.Healy,SJ suppressed in1957 just prior to V2. Why?

  14. Still, it wasn't Jesuits at the helm of the Great Reform, It was Abbe Roca & the monks at Solemnes, It was Gueranger, it was born of Benedictines, in the frontiers of France, Dom Macquereau, Dom Jos. Pothier, Dom Paul Cagin,Catholic monks con't Roca's plot. Its track record we know now, who when why, Roca has been translated & published, 50 yrs too late to alert the Faithful. Is it too late? Read The Liturgical Reform, first pub. by Fideliter 1978-79, then in 2002 Angelus Press, Fr. Bonneterre.

  15. Fr. O'Connor's words were to help us. Since 1968 invalid Ordinations take place, "priests" pretend validity Once upon a time all parishes had Trent holy priests. When V-2 struck down the Faith, Roncalli began evicting dissenters from their rectories–no more Trent–but Modernist Reform. Few heard of this "reform"; it came by stealth seeping into Catholic life, silent for 150 yrs, suddenly striking viper-like at True Mass & priests giving Sacramental Grace for salvation of souls. Christ Denied!

  16. "I believe that divine worship as it is regulated by the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual, & regulations of the Roman Church will, in the near future at an ecumenical council, undergo a transformation that will restore to it the venerable simplicity of the Apostolic golden age & harmonize it with modern civilization's new…consciousness. Abbe Roca (1830-1893) apostate priest & Satanist in L'Abbe' Gabriel." "What Christianity seeks to build is a universal religion..!" now without Sanctifying Grace.

  17. They can't–clergy before 1958 was being "reformed" to overtake the Church (see Liturgical Movement, Bonneterre, 2002) .Fr. was among enemies who planned Roman Protestantism. Maffei put Father's words into posterity–Lefebvre-Bacci-Thuc-Mendez saved the faithful. But the priests yet inside were "re-trained" Stalin-style to toe the Roncalli line of Reform–& are spineless cowards in chaos today.& invalidly ordained since1968, sealing the "Reform." Valid sacraments are due to the 4 bishops.

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