Jesuits provide papal connection to Australia:

Cosmic Jesus & His Disciples



25 Replies to “Project Bluebeam Notes: The Agenda of the Jesuit is to Destroy the Divine in Mankind”

  1. Bang on point, it's always been about the jesuits, hiding behind the Jews and freemasonry, but once you understand about the jesuit order it will dawn upon you, but just be aware of the real dangers of who's who…..! Stay blessed, thank you for sharing….

  2. You don't, rather, you likely fully well, understand how much my life has changed these past few months. Synchronicity and guidance, the truth and enabling action is flowing through like nothing I knew was possible. Trial and search no longer, the course of nature is but one with me. You helped me find my way not by accident, I believe.

    I have been actively fighting disinfo since I was 14, but trapped within the web of fuckery created by man, machines and the elite, evil, I was hidden, locked, emotional and confined from knowing the truth.

    Now, some 9 years on, I can't stop the trail of light and pure truth from flourishing. Strength in conviction is ever present and my message is inspired by something within. You are an amazing being that has helped me become stronger than I ever thought I could be, I am able to harness the light within and use all that I know to inspire and spread peace, love and happiness.
    I fear nothing and nobody, no-one can stop me from what I hold true within! Having recently drawn the link to so many dots that have been showing itself on a figurative board to me over a period of time, I am able to lead with action and strength in conviction.

    Thank you for helping me shine
    Peace and Love

  3. dee i went through the stages of being to dumbed down through the fluoride in the water, the chemicals in the air and the brainwashing of tv which made the things you discovered incomprehensible, then i went vegan which led me to do a lot more research into the war the zionists are waging against our health, than after i stopped poisoning my body with gmo, aspartame, fluoride and got a air purifier and i stopped poisoning my mind with the lies you are force fed through birth and i got rid of my tv i was able to finally start thinking and focusing on what you were saying and i could see a spade for a spade i realized you were trying to help me which you didnt have to do and i went from hating you because you knew the truth to having you be the person i respect the most on this planet. the change in consciousness you were speaking of i was ignoring as it happened to me! 

  4. I dont believe in god or federation of light I belie there are aliens and we were created by them but good or evil I dont know only time will trll any one of us could be right or wrong so much disinformation I take on board everything so I can figure out when it happens

  5. great vid and ALL TRUE the problem with the truth for MOST  people that it is hard to SWALLOW the reunion of the 21st century CHRISTIANITY Judaism and Muslims   to UNITE or face apocalyptic ARMAGEDDON that is the blueprint  because before you built anything hat is NEW  one have to destroy  EVERYTHING  that is old

  6. I love the quote in the article at 3:16 "give me a child until he is 7, and I will give you the man" … these fuckers, and the Jews, know that corrupting a boy child through ritual sexual abuse will give them a puppet for life. All these guys have been abused and are now total tools for the Jesuits. I think you can assume any member of a secret society is the result of this sort of abuse. The Jesuits are a corrupted cult of pedophiles. No one should let their children anywhere near them. Our leaders are fucked up in the head because of their ill treatment as children at the hands of supposed 'spiritual' teachers.

  7. I have always loved your videos about ancient teachings, crown chakras, pineal glands etc. However, for how enlightened you are, Ive felt you were also quite in the dark about the way things are in the real world. Finally u see the whole picture. Welcome to the fight! And…will u marry me?

  8. barrak abuma is visiting the pope(jesuit high priest) today on his European tour to discuss politics, Ukrain etc. i thought we we told church and state were separate? dath vader is visiting the emperor!

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