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PROOF the Jesuits control number 10 downing street

The Knights Templars Are The Jesuit Order


St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow,_Glasgow

Society of Jesus

Church of the Gesù

No 10


20 Replies to “PROOF the Jesuits control number 10 downing street”

  1. black door =  (khemit)= ehypt which is where the black arts originate( chemistry) door. number 10 being the union of male and female. you have a Jesuit sun symbol and a fan with 7 flutes = chakras. which lead to the light (sun) black and white checks in the masonic hall which is solomons head quarters of scotish (French) rite freemasonry in the piazza del gesu right next to the Jesuits!

  2. I just subscribed to your channel. I've come to that understanding of The Jesuits. Gone through much of the disinformation online. I like the work you do. Clearly interested in spreading the truth.

  3. Have a look at F Tupper Saussy's book 'Rulers of Evil' – it's online as a pdf. If you go to Chapter 20, 'American Graffitti' it has info about the Great Seal and how it represents the Roman and Egyptian roots of the New World Order.

  4. The Jesuits run it all. They are right under the capstone and the capstone is lucifer himself. The Jesuits have many Knighthoods, like the Templar, SMOM, Garter and so on. They created zionism and control freemasonry. They control all the masonic muslims leaders as well.

  5. Foo Fighters,..arent a Rock group,..its what the Nazis called the UFO's
    research the ahnenerbe society, interesting little nazi group,…and how and why they fled Antarctica,..and the same as why the Americans did and what did attack and teach them a lesson in 1947.
    ask yourself this, planet earth a UFO?…or a huge docking station,….we are floating through space thats for sure.
    no they are keeping the UFO s secret for a special surprise appearance most will fall for

  6. i didnt believe in them either,..i havent seen any other than the ones hidden in just about everything you see,..a flying thing with thrust under built into most every mason hall and chapel and church,..satans main symbol is a flying vessel with thrust,..and tip of white star,
    the swastika/sun disc is a flying saucer viewed from underneath
    they calll them sun gods because they came thousands of years ago in 'sun disc's'…research ancient drawings and symbols

  7. yep,..i go by Scripture,and what i can see with my own spiritual eyes, symbolism.

    HQ is Vatican State,..Pope is King of The World,.
    the Swiss thing is a bit like the City of London thing, the money operation,..The vatican Banks run the swiss not the other way.
    just like the queen of england is the jesuit War Commander and Chief subservient to the white pope, dress code and bowing to him in her kingdom with her pathetic black glove,..thats how i know

  8. the pyramids were built as a landing bay for the flying saucers this so called gods came and went in,..pyramids wernt built with tops or points that was later built on top,
    just like the american dollar great pyramid seal,..the top eye piece is a flying saucer landing or probably more like taking off,
    satans main symbol is a white star or top point and his fav a flying saucer taking of with thrust under,..symbols everywhere because we are thick as shit we dont see it

  9. they are big big symbol users,..
    the papal monstrance,..the main SUN symbol
    the phoenix/cocatrice as an eagle
    the Obelisk in St Peters square is straight from Eygpt,
    their 'fish' hats is for Dagon
    their silly red wide rimmed hats for Saturn and the white for the sun,
    the whit pope is just the new pharoah
    the phoneicians where sea traders as are the Romans and they RULE this Planet wth th Maritime Law of The Sea

  10. understand theres nothing new under the sun.

    the Romans are the kings of conquering and dividing countries and ruling through religions,phoneicians,greeks,Egyptians worshipped the phoenix,Zeus Jupiter,the 'sun god',and queen of heaven',…call them what you will, semiramus and tammuz,mary and ie'sus,Isis and Horus,..Rome just took them all together and mixed them and then mixed them with christianity,..or weell pagan christianity,..the christ of roman cult wizard church is christos helios

  11. No worries, hadn't thought about the mix/link with a cockatrice. But from christiananswers . net/dictionary/cockatrice . html indicates it normally depicting a horned viper. YT user giureh has a vid on octogon which may be of interest: /watch?v=YERHIxqnfwY and he actually also mentions the horned viper as being related to the subject matter.

    Thanks for the response, God bless. Shatter the darkness.

  12. i can only recommend gorillas early stuff,or even up to 2 years ago to learn,..

    but like the young Rik Clay a kid before his time (may he R.I.P) knowing his work taught so many,…i guess with respect to gorilla199, much and taught many to the hidden symbols names and numbers they use everywhere

  13. Cip,…just so that we can sometimes get on the same page,..cause at the end of the day there only one truth for all us truthers tho we might be on differing levels

    you say its built into every building of theres,..and that is true,…but theres something else,built into masonic halls,..and churches,..and just about most buildings one way or other,..and wait for it,..its ufo's/sun dics/foo fighters,call them what u will


  14. yes id seen that, but watched it again thanks

    its something we all need to learn to try to understand theyre silly language of colour shapes numbers languages and star/sun/saturn/venus symbols,..for us to begin to gain any knowledge,

    its back to the start whether we like it or not,..there is nothing knew.

  15. all 3 present popes are jesuits,..and i lay the blame at their unholy cloven feet,…and that of the thing they have as their jesuit war machine commander and chief,her in the blue with grey hair coming out of baphomet HQ,

    whats that say in Scripture/ about those that say they are jews but are not ?

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