Pt 1 Of 2 The Jesuit Oath! Taken By The New Pope Francis ” The Roman”


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  1. Honestly, I was SHOCKED to see him react this way to the Pope. The fact that this guy is coming out announcing himself as a Jesuit took me by total surprise. There is a guy on Youtube called Universe6807 who has done a 4 part series on the new pope and his background with the Jesuits that blew my mind. he is an ex-Catholic and very well educated. Check out his stuff. I'm gonna keep my eye on Begley…very confused by his response.

  2. QUESTION: Did Pastor Begley answer your question? I think that with the Pope being in his mid-70's his FRUITS ARE VISIBLE. He is a Jesuit and a war criminal…shouldn't we sound the alarm? I'm VERY concerned why Pastor Begley didn't condemn this man. Thank you for this video, and for watching out for the flock.

  3. Also, the Jesuits are the ones who formed the Illuminati…among groups. Check into the symbolism within the RCC. The initials "IHS" stand for Isis, Horus and Set. These higher ups in the RCC do NOT worship the same God as we do.

  4. Great job, from "man cave" to "better home and garden"! An even better job of having a heart for the truth and realizing the terms jesuit and humble are oxymorons. I watched a bit of another preachers vid yesterday praying for the pope, RCC and "OTHER CHRISTIANS' faiths. I don't know if this was before or after he had his cup of coffee but, whaaaaat??, you don not lump them all together as Christian. I will probably unsub. Good job PD!! God Bless

  5. Thank your Christy it very nice of you. Dearest Dave dont let the dark ones upset you thats how he uses people to attack the most high servants. Rejoyce unto our Lord the most high! Im going send you pm soon id like share some things with you.

  6. PD, I know you're streamed about "the other pastor" playing priest with a white collar. Heck, if he wants to play dress up … well forget it. Tip: YT watch "The black pope & 4th vow (blood oath) high jesuits" Wow did I learn a lot. Tip: YT watch "Luciferian black pope, the superior jesuit general" Both titles here on YT. People are catching on real quick, read the comments. Oh yeah, take care.

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