Pt 2 – Michael Tsarion Paris, Islam, Zionism & The Red Papacy

Published on Nov 29, 2015 on David Whitehead – Truth Warrior’s channel
This is a follow up to our first interview on this subject.

Red Papacy (by Michael Tsarion)

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

Age of Revealing

The Posthuman World (Program)

Mtsar Forum (Islam)

Mtsar Forum (Zionism)

Mtsar Forum (Posthumanism)

Huey Long

State’s Rights

The Tenth Amendment

Sovereignty Resolutions

The Constitution Com

Treason: The New World Order

Vatican Billions

The Dollar and the Vatican

The Vatican Holocaust

Vietnam: Why Did We Go?

The Dark History of the Vatican

The Roman Cult 1

The Roman Cult 2

The Jesuits

Jesuits with Jewish Backgrounds

Jesuit Infiltration of Protestantism

Mussolini’s Jesuit

Skull & Bones: The Catholic Connection

The Pope’s War

Catholic Sex Abuse Cases

Syllabus of Errors

The Cadaver Syod

Mental Reservation

Mtsar Forum (Jesuits)



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  1. Legalese is the problem, cause the USA is a Common Law Nation and Legalities are simply "private" interpretations of Common Law (unwritten) made into Statutes and the collected into Legal Codes. The people "acting" as titled persons (masks) are Public Servants who have been trained to use Legalese to avoid being held liable and responsible if they cause harm, damage, or wrong to a living [wo]man. All Legalities concern Persons of the U.S. GOVERNMENT only… it is used by U.S. Agencies and Agents to ease administration of the property of the Public – there are no Law(s) that require a man or woman to learn or know Legalese at all within Common Law nations.For more information concerning Law Common to people or Common Law, search up *Karl Lentz*

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