1. That's why they've been making the movie called the Purge…I was an extra in the 1st Hunger Game without reading the book because I use to be into acting before when I was "asleep" after asking questions I knew something wasn't right about the the plot it seemed like something like this could actually happen or may…

  2. As part of an Internet reality show, five people sign up to spend six months in a mansion while cameras film constantly. If each person stays the entire length of the show, everyone walks away with $1 million — a premise that seems too good to be true. Strange things start happening, like the arrival of mysterious, disturbing packages, filled with items like guns and morbid letters. After an unexpected death, the participants start to question the true reality of this experiment.

  3. The police, or whoever will probably arrest the winner after the show, take the winning money off them and the money will end up going back to the Russian billionaire…Free money PLUS pushing what's socially acceptable and lowering the bar even further. Give me a break!!!

  4. that girl in this video proves we live in a fixed controlled matrix. a woman of god being abused raped possibly killed  when there is some man out there like me that would lick a public toilet for a girl like this and instead she is being raped abused and lord Jesus only knows what else God bless her and god free her if she is still alive. but Satan has flipped this world upside down in reverse unfortunately.  I pray I will find a wife like this! (and she is blood type B+) INSANITY!!!!!!!

  5. hunger games should be gone out of the blue we need to tell them that this is a sin they fight they have the Phoenix symbol the rebirth just like Satan instead we should watch a holy series I know we do sin mistakes but we need to preach the gospel to the world with the holy Bible with our talents let's will it up so are bros and sis can do the same

  6. Putin must had okay this monstrosity! Mind control, MK ULTRA ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR where these convicts were put on the island for a hunt to kill to survive the test before a Predator or Alien get them! And another movie called,Gamer,where again criminals in jail are controlled like a video game to kill each other and move up each level for points,But at least one guy broke out to find the truth! The world is a big disillusion turning into virtual not reality game and the masses are being control if people continue to allow it! All the movies are nothing but fantasy of magic, witches ,evil, devils and demons, Gods of Babylonia as if it is the best thing to see! People are hooked on the mid controlled to not face reality in life!

  7. Blood sports, just like back in the Roman times, next they'll be building collusiums to pitch humans against animals, kill or be killed….The world is getting darker by the minute… i'm waiting for jesus to return.. sad thing is most of the world is still sleeping.

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