RECALLS! The Contaminated Food Network 2018

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  1. Alright good info, I just tossed my Donald Trump Chia Pet in the trash just to be safe and donated all my chicken salad to the homeless shelter…..what? there isn't any eggs in chicken salad, and half those folks will die of an overdose way before the Salomella's kills'em.

  2. "For example, in whole ginger, the FDA allows up to three milligrams or more of mammalian excreta (i.e. mouse poop) per pound. In peanut butter, the agency allows an average of fewer than 30 insect fragments per 100 grams—about a quarter of your average jar. And you thought you were buying smooth, not extra chunky."

  3. Thanks for the headsup Steven.
    A few years ago I bought 3 pkgs of Jiffy cornbread from Walmart. When I was going to make it, I noticed what looked like mealy bugs in the cornbread mix. So, if you buy this brand, make sure there's no mealy bugs in it.
    Also, I bought a burger at BurgerKing through the drive thru. I parked, and started to eat it, and I noticed something black in my burger. I opened it up, and somehow a black piece of styrofoam was in the burger. So if you eat out, inspect your food before consuming!

  4. 'ALL' Processed foods are at risks being contaminated due to the fact that these foods go through these manufacturer machines everyday,I'm sure products come into contact with unclean machine parts at some point…😶

  5. The food is toxic all over. We must avoid over processed foods and try to buy local or grow our own. Meats are questionable too. Nutrition awareness is so valuable for everyone. Read your labels, look into the manufactuters. Look up consumer reviews.

  6. Lol….ya know they're getting ready to publicly put human meat in stores…. right? I've known for a year or more that mcdeath has it in their burgers already. I never eat out, and am working my way off all meats

  7. Here's a Thought… Stop buying already prepared food and start cooking wholesome meals for yourselves and your loved ones. All those convenient meals are harmful, you have no idea how it's prepared.

  8. Gotta say I love your humor when you're breaking up!!! Because of our money-driven and consumerism-dependent society, food is not food, just chemicals and poison. We have endowed our younger generations with no concept of the self-sufficiency to make, grow, hunt, or raise our own food. Even worse, if the consumer supply infrastructure fails, stores will be out of the manufactured food within 24 hours.

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