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  1. This years major pole shift is going to cause tidal waves that will wipe out a great deal of of the country. The establishment is even laughing in our face with the democrat midterm slogan of "catch the blue wave" That's why the elites have their underground bunker in Colorado. Anyways, everything you mentioned in this video is perfectly true. I'm actually surprised how close to the pulse of the ruling class with your intro. Props

  2. I consider Jan Irving, who introduced myself and many others to the truth (and this topic) a personal mentor and friend. Jan lead me to freedom in more ways than one and helped me overcome a habitual disease of mind, body and spirit that few people live through. Very few people is this world are capable of being my hero and Jan Irving makes the list with Scott Onstott.

  3. I have been researching NPC's and SSE;s for the last few months. I have grown to believe that at least… at the very minimum 50% of the whirld are NPC.s or SSE's. No wonder everything looks fake. The bible too. Bibble Babble from Babylon. (Non personal characters or solid state entites). John C Lilly came up with SSE.s before solid state was ever invented. Could we be a landing ground for AI? AI controls NPC;s. Many NPC's are sacrificed for our reaction. NPC's are not self aware. NPC.s are connected to source or AI. We are not… if you are a real human. Are there 144 thousand organic real humans? Your parents can be NPC too even though you may not be. Craziest story yet but it makes sense. I know nothing! Just wondering.

  4. The Jesuit's are very proud of their cult system, a system handed to priests on Vatican hill, the very same hill on which ancient roman priests practiced divination from the 8th century BC. Vatican means "divining serpent". They want us to admire the diabolical cleverness, so we can manilfest ilt through our beliefs. Since its all pre-determined and so soon to occur, they can let it out now. It's obvious to me that the roman cult built the seven hills of DC, to create a mini Vatican, so when DC is destroyed,
    the antichrist ones can say "see, teh Bible was speaking of Washington D.C.". Satan is the great imitator, and they are satanists.
    I want to iinform these satanists, that it is, as Rudolf Steiner told us, Jesus Who makes the fnal accounting, not them! They are merely the tools of satan, engorged on the blood of the innocent and the stolen wealth of the people of the world, and falsely believing they are outsmarting Jesus Christ. "Therefore, God will send them a powerful delusion, because they believed a lie, and had pleasure in unrighteousness". 2 Thessalonians 2. They're gettin' away with nothin'.
    Rudolf Steiner – Wikipedia
    Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (27 (or 25) February 1861 – 30 March 1925)
    Steiner's center in Dornach Switzerland, the Goetheanum, was built a decade before the Bank of International Settlements established its headquarters in Basle, 10 miles away.
    Goetheanum – Wikipedia

  5. Sitchin was a 33rd degree mason and never translated anything, as he did not know how to read the Sumerian texts. He simply created science fiction distorting yet again, our ancient history. Sumer was part of a more ancient culture that originated in Scythia.

  6. I kinda feel bad for these clowns, 5000 years of preparation, while we were asleep with black magik, and now since we woke up we are kicking their arses in no time. Unbelievable effort to destroy humanity, that will make their defeat more painful. Game over! Is good to be a God

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