Report on sexual abuse inside the German Catholic Church details 3,677 abuse cases by clergy

It’s a “depressing and shameful” legacy. That’s the reaction of the German Catholic Church to a new report that’s revealed the truly shocking extent of child abuse carried out by priests and clerics within its ranks.


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  1. If this were any other organization and this happened the government would step in and close it down but when it comes to the Catholic Church the government seems to turn a blind eye. Did the Holy Roman Catholic Church pay off the government? Business as usual at the Roman Catholic Church scare people make money and molest children and the government turns a blind eye.

  2. Catholic laity need to speak up more, too many look the other way because they are lukewarm Catholics or fifty minute Sunday Catholics only. Abuse victims feel hurt not only from a clergy who offer them no sympathy but also if they speak up themselves are considered as trouble-makers by these lukewarm so called Catholics, who just simply want an easy and mainly a pleasurable secular life outside of Sunday Mass.

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