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  1. and eric phelps goes on about the jesuits but he belives the jesuits own false doctrine of futurism ,something inside of me says watch him ,also hes a calvanists and theyre not saved anyway ,and theyre not . i dont care what people say, the bible is very clear that if they a calvanist from the start they not saved ,but if they trusted in JESUS alone without perserving aka works and then after became a calvanist they are saved and have just backslidden

  2. Interesting info, I don't like the language though.  How are we going to know the truth ?  If something is to be truth, it must be true in the beginning, the middle and the end.  The Hebrew word for truth is emet.  It is the first letter (aleph), the middle (mem) and the last letter (tav).  Yeshua (Jesus) as a rabbi speaking to another jewish man called John would refer to himself as the aleph and the tav, not the alpha and omega.  The word for truth (emet) contains the aleph and the tav (1st and last letter).  We know in Mt 7:21-23 many will believe that they are going to make it.  Vs 23 states that He never knew them you workers of lawlessness.  The man of lawlessness or the antichrist will fool those who claim to know Jesus and have for because they rejected knowledge (Hosea 4:6) and have forgotten the instructions (Torah). This is the pattern in history of how Satan tries to destroy the witness of the Word of YHVH

  3. Hi Johnny! I'm new to your channel and found you via Freedom Radio 🙂 I have a question, I'm a huge fan of Chuck Missler but I heard that he was on your list lol. Are you saying that basically he's a puppet as well?

    I do wanna thank you so much for exposing the Roman Catholic Church bcuz no one is connecting the dots with them!! All roads lead to ROME! Keep up the great work!

  4. From all my studies about the jews and jesuits i'm left asking, Are jews controlling the jesuits or the jesuits controlling the jews? Are crypto jews behind catholicism? i think the jews Jesus refer to as fake and are vipers are not true jews which are crypto that are behind everything. please give your thoughts. Thanks Johnny.

  5. I like listening to you but i think your tone can be a bit much as i think you catch more fly with honey than vinegar…lighten your tone to get your message out. you sound angry but dont let anger get into your message. " Most of the problems of life that be, are caused by the tone of one speech, it is never what is said but how it is said." keep up the great work.

  6. I really enjoy listening to you.  However, I listen to the Alex Jones show about 5 days a week because my job allows me too while I'm stuck at a computer.  In addition, I also listen to other special people such as yourself.  Alex basically doesn't get into to the "religious" stuff to much because he is most effective with waking up new people looking for "truth".  The stuff you talk about is really hard to handle to most and most just don't have the attention span or time.  I think Alex is able to reach a wide range of people looking for alternative media and once they can get past the surface truth they keep searching and find people like you.  I don't think Alex is a "gate keeper".  You however are very good and I love your insight about the Catholic Church.  I think it is spot on!!  Any thoughts on Dr. Bill Deagle or Joel Skousen?  I would love to know what you may think of them.

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