Resistance Rising 172: The Gender Blending Vatican Is Behind False Flags

Perhaps one of the most fact-filled episodes, EVER, Johnny gives you the REAL facts on all the topics you want info on from the trans-gender conspiracy to false flags.
•difficult issue to nail down
•which is why frauds in “alternative media” blow it up as a distraction
•but it’s a real issue; from Baphomet to Michelle Obama
•Barack Obama: abused as a child by Chicago (Jesuit?) trained black Communist Frank Marshall Davis, in Hawaii
•time in Indonesia with mother for the CIA, in Catholic school and under a “trans-gender” nanny
OBAMA ADMITS EARLY CONNECTION TO THE CIA (New York Times scraps the article)
•Joan Rivers, “Michelle is a tranny” / dead from “lack of oxygen” during routine non-invasive procedure
•pushing gender confusion in music and movies from Lola by the Kinks to the 1959 movie Some Like It Hot with Lemmon and Curtis as women opposite lust object Marilyn Monroe
•what are “proper” gender roles (at least by Christian standards)?
•why is homosexuality the issue that makes or breaks so many from Hugh Heffner to Barry Goldwater?

•Johnson vs. Goldwater
•Johnson and suspected Knight of Malta Westmorland promote the first woman to General in the United States military; Anna Mae Hayes (a good Catholic girl)
•setting the record straight on Joan of Arc (read Secret History)
•Did Barack Obama call Michelle “Michael”? —A reasoned investigation!

•Klinger on M.A.S.H.
•Trump’s broken promises to stem the tide of waves of illegal aliens
•the D.C. sniper examined: yet another Roman false flag!
Call To Priest “Cracks” Sniper Case
D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo tells ‘Today’ he was sexually abused by Muhammad
•as false flags go, 9/11 is the gateway to taking the Red Pill
•Never before released information on how the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine massacre were both Vatican-sponsored events!
•from Bill O’Reilly to Chris Matthews; Catholic agents in “journalism” are true male chauvinist pigs yet they never get held to account
•the Vatican-founded FBI carefully watches over both Catholic and Islamic terror camps in the U.S. to insure they produce future agents of chaos
•both John Allen Muhammad and Chief Charles Moose were in the Oregon National Guard at the same time
•both Muhammad and Moose had a massive racial chip on their shoulders
•Freemasons: fighting Templars or they are Templars?
•“law enforcement”: “To Punish and Enslave”

•from Henry Fonda to Tom Hayden: all roads lead to Communist Catholic Rome
•Hayden’s family priest was anti-Semite muck-raking Chicago radio host Father Tom Coughlin



3 Replies to “Resistance Rising 172: The Gender Blending Vatican Is Behind False Flags”

  1. Johnny, i'm half way through the show. Glad you touched on the transgender agenda. Long overdue. You need to go much deeper down this rabbit hole. Your research style and critical thinking would do the subject matter much justice.
    Kudos to Hawkeye for the acknowledgement of what are clearly masculine attributes of Michelle/Michael Obama.
    Good stuff, God bless.

  2. I went on a road trip last week and listened to 6 hr lecture of Illuminati unmasked.. I give it 👍👍 .. getting the book so I can read it and watch the lecture again…

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