Scriptures for Gossip: Gen. 49:16,17; Jeremiah 4:15, Psalms 15:3; Titus 3:2; Ephesians 4:29; James 4:11; Revelation 14:5


Letter to JR Cofer:

Early this morning (Friday, 12/15/17) I had a vivid dream where I was on leaning on the doorpost to the kitchen while speaking on the telephone. The person on the phone shared with me that someone had died. I then slowly began to lean more heavily on the doorpost while very slowly dropping to the floor as if an angel was slowly letting me down so that I would not hurt myself. The weeping was so intense it reminded me of the last time I had weeped in such a way, which was back when I was 17 and my best friend’s mom, grandmother, and grandfather all died on the same night due to a homicide which left 5 people dead in the house. After the dream I proceeded to pray and the Lord led me to share the following:

The Lord has given me a special work to do and I fear for the life of JR Cofer who has openly come against God’s work while I also fear for the souls of those who have been beguiled through his false representation of what “gospel order” is. I am not threatening his life. I know the God that dealt with Korah, Dathan, Eli, Hophni, Phinehas, Nadab, and Abihu is the same God who will deal with anyone that comes against His work.

JR Cofer and myself were close friends in 2008. When I had my “spiritual fall” in 2009 and openly repented and confessed of my course, I spoke on the phone with JR Cofer and he gave me counsel and stated, “The Spirit of Prophecy states that when a gospel worker has a “spiritual fall” and repents, they are to go to a new field where no one knows them and begin doing a work.” I followed this counsel that he gave me.

I was quite surprised to see him recently opposing the very work he encouraged me to do. I hope that you can see the hypocrisy in his actions. How does a man encourage someone in a certain course and then condemns them when the Lord reveals His blessing on the very work that they encouraged? It is more than evident to me that the Lord has been blessing this work that he has privileged me to do and I give him all the glory. I can take no credit to myself. God be glorified!

I hope that this letter will help to open the eyes of the blind to see the depths of sin that the human heart will indulge in when it is not surrendered to Jesus. I love JR Cofer and desire him to repent of his actions. I have tried on numerous occasions to reconcile with him with no success. For anyone to subscribe to the false teaching of JR Cofer in relation to his misunderstanding of “gospel order” would exterminate all belief in confession and forgiveness which is the very foundation of the Gospel. Cofer has demonstrated by his actions that he does not truly believe in forgiveness which is the fruit of Love. Did God forgive David who was a murderer and adulterer? Did God remove him from his position as king of Israel?

JR Cofer has sought to destroy the reputation of a fellow worker through the sin of gossip while placing it in the guise of “gospel order”, while at the same time leading thousands to sin (gossip) by publishing such material for the world to see. The sin of gossip is leavening the people of God and I fear for the life of JR Cofer. Let us pray that he repents. If you are guilty of sharing such gossip, I also would encourage you to repent and confess of your course to God. Blessings to all as we prepare for the Sabbath.

David House


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  1. Br. You csnt put someone's stuff out there. You are not called to do that. Have you spoken to him privately yet?
    Wow. What you are doing by calling him out in this video is dangerouse to turn people off to the gosple.

  2. Who cares….what a wast of time….If we don't get to work who is going to do it…..We are to be united in the faith not bickering over hurt feelings. JR Cofer will be here unto the end. …he is a solid minister of God. You sound like you have been personally wounded . My Grand father always told me, "if you throw a rock down a well ….you won't hear a thing unless you hit something". Let's get to work".

  3. If there are things of a disgraceful nature that should come before the church, let them be brought before a few proper persons selected to hear them, and do not put the cause of Christ to open shame by publishing abroad the hypocrisy that has existed in the church. It would cast reflections upon those who had tried to be Christlike in character. These things should be considered. 5T 645.4

  4. "The spirit of gossip and tale-bearing is one of Satan's agencies to sow discord and strife to separate friends and to undermine the faith of many in the truth of our positions. Brothers and sisters, brethren and sisters are too ready to top of the faults and errors that they think exist in others and especially in those who had born unflinchingly the messages of reproof and warning and given them of God".
    There is no words to describe what they have done to me, because of message I brought in the church, and for reproving heresies!

  5. I understand it, because I was there. Psalms perfectly justify what he say publicly.
    Jesus answered publicly when accused publicly. For example: But some of them said, He casteth out devils through Beelzebub the chief of the devils.

    And others, tempting him, sought of him a sign from heaven.

    But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, .. Luke 11, 15-

  6. The bible gives us instructions on how to deal with problems that we come up from time to time,It's not right to take our dirty laundry in public,It does not matter who is wrong or right,these things sends the wrong messages. Leave everything to God and He will take care of things,we don't need to fight our battles.

  7. Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?
    6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
    6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
    6:4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.
    6:5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?
    6:6 But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.
    6:7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather [suffer yourselves to] be defrauded?
    6:8 Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that [your] brethren.
    6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    6:10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  8. In the Name of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH Who is our GOD, I command both JR Cofer and David House to delete these videos talking about each other off their channels and pray for each other. JR Cofer delete your video about David House, please. PREACH JESUS CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED. 2/13/2018

  9. 2/13/2018 Miami, FL 9:56pm EST/EDT regarding JR Cofer (channel) video "Gossip or…the Case of David House.."
    JESUS CHRIST. There is no part of JESUS' Great Commission in Matthew 28 that you are fulfilling by talking and sharing all this stuff. It is very, very, obvious to ANY OBJECTIVE OBSERVER that you have a personal issue with Pr/Bro David House. I was tremendously blessed by your "…144,000 Sealed…" sermon and will share it. Your documents "proving' David to be guilty of some error, are DRASTICALLY OUTdated! You posted it on Oct 2017, for documents relating to FY 2009. In the Worthy NAME of JESUS, I plead with you to just DELETE THIS VIDEO off your wonderful channel "JR Cofer". It is to be noted that this video has been seen by 4,126 viewers, or 239 viewers have watched it a total of 4,126 times. Of those, only 41 thought it was good, or 41 of your 9,000 + Plus family/friends/ or subscribers thought to click the "like button" just to defend your point of view being your friend. Or you yourself were able to click the "like button" 41 times from other people's smartphones/laptops etc!! Only 38 people "Disliked" this video with a "thumbs down". Either which way, almost 95% to 99% of the views/viewers that watched it were apathetic (had no opinion at all about it, and may not have even watched the entire video, but watched only enough of it for it to show up as a "view") meaning that this is largely JUST A PERSONAL ISSUE between JR Cofer and David House, both who profess to LOVE JESUS, and I believe that YOU BOTH DO!—and both who profess to be Seventh day Adventists, like I also of YT Channel "Thieleman Van Braght" profess to be, 3rd Generation Seventh day Adventist who has been to 3ABN twice, I have met: HMS Richards Snr & Jr of Voice of Prophecy, Pr Doug Batchleor 3 times, once in WW, WA at WWC SDA Church and once at Sac Central and once at AFCOE at Amazing Facts. I've also met Danny Shelton, and Mark Finley and Cadet Sisters, and Steve Darmody and Jennifer LaMountain at 3ABN. I also met Pr Kenneth Cox at WWC SDA Ch. I attended West Indies College in Mandeville, Jamaica, WI in 1986 where I studied Theology. I have read the entire BIBLE (KJV) through at least 5 or 6 times in my life and read most of SOP EGW writings on computer and book form. Since NO ONE WHO DOES NOT ALSO KNOW both You, Jr Cofer, and David House would understand what your "beef" with him is all about, WHY DON'T You as a Preacher/Minister of the Gospel of Green Apple Health, try to OBEY what JESUS said through the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 6 and Matthew 18. Please save the rebuttle that "Pr David House is accusing me publicly so I have to REBUKE HIM Publicly" for some one who doesn't know about 2,000 Bible verses in Old and New Testament from Memory, have Matthew 24, Whole Chapter memorized, Exodus 20:1-17 memorized (KJV1611), Psalms 23, Most of Hebrews 11, and much of Daniel 9 memorized. The Bottom line is that Pr. JR Cofer wants the PUBLIC AT LARGE, (NOT FELLOW Seventh Day Adventists who submit to JESUS' Authority in Heaven) to be "The Judge" or Mediator between yourself, JR and David House. That is a huge blunder, and unwise mistake. Regarding Pr David House's comments that the sin(s) you accuse him of being guilty of, which in your mind causes him to be "DISQUALIFIED from being a Preacher/Minister of the Gospel". I've traveled through 45 of the 50 States of USA in my lifetime, been in Kodiak, AK SDA Church (1986 not member, just attended), been to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and lived in 16 different American states. I'm Bilingual and Read the Bible fluently in English or Spanish. I can also write in English or Spanish. I have some Education (6 months undergraduate study at University of Missouri, Columbia Campus 1993-1994). I have traveled with my mother and father and brother and sister to Puerto Rico, where we were Missionaries from 1971-1976. I also, as a poor-white man lived in Jamaica, a predominantly black country for a whole year, and for many years in Miami FL have attended predominantly Black or Jamaican SDA Churches, being many times the only one of 1-3 whites attending. I also traveled to Cancun Mexico in 2007 and rebuked a "Celebration" Rock-N-Roll program, (which I did not know the church was going to do Sabbath Afternoon before I attended) at the Cancun Central SDA Church in 2007. I also rebuked Rock N Roll Music in Bella Vista SDA Church in 2007 when I attended there and a Pastor of the Conference, Celio Ulloa agreed with me that they were VIOLATING the Spirit of Prophecy with the heavy rock music in the Church Sanctuary. I also was Threatened to be MURDERED by two men, (deacons) at the Portuguese SDA Church in Seekonk, MA in 2007 for speaking out, up front, on the Platform about the Heavy-Rock-N-Roll they were playing at the 11:00 Oclock service. I also rebuked a similar Celebration/Rock Service in Spanish SDA Church on HWY 11 South to Milton Freewater OR. I also rebuked a Rock N Roll Music program being played in the Spanish Central SDA Church in Miami at SW 4th St and 9th Ave. I also noted that this Church has been having SUNDAY Church services for several years. I have several videos on my YouTube Channel exposing corruption and Apostasy in the SDA Denomination. Regarding JR Cofer's claim that Pr David House is "not qualified" by Biblical or SOP Standards to "Preach or Teach" in JESUS' Worthy name under his Ministry name "Saving Health Ministries"–that is MERELY YOUR OPINION of David's unfitness to speak. Perhaps unbiased SDAs of both Conference and Self-Supporting or INDEPENDENT Ministries may feel the same way about you, if you don't submit to the Authority of the General Conference of SDAs and acknowledge TED WILSON, N.C. to be "The Official Representative of Jesus Christ on Earth" which I don't acknowledge him to be, since he (Ted Wilson) is persecuting and harassing (on behalf of the General Conference) ANY SDA House Church, Group of Believers, or Congregation which DOES NOT: 1. Submit to GC Corp of SDA Authority 2. Return all TITHE to SAD…SAD…Sad-ventist General Conference which is infiltrated by Satanic Jesuits who have given the SDA people a cursed "Logo" with 2X 3 Wavy lines (Double 666 logo) with Catholic Crucifix in it. 3. SDA Conference members must use (as the official version of the BIBLE, the NIV=Satan's "New Intertl Version"). I notice that JR Cofer you mention that you have been to 3ABN in West Frankfurt, IL 62896 and you "Preached on 3ABN" which implies that you believe that you deserve the VAST, Worldwide RESPECT of SDAs everywhere, whether Conference or Self Supporting, but you don't want other SDAs, like myself, who have received a great blessing from Pr David House's sermons on YouTube, before ever even fiding out you two had a dispute–to show any respect to or listen to ANYTHING THAT Pr David House has to say, because in your sole Judgment as "final judge" between yourself and him,—Pr David House needs to "sit down and be quiet" and no longer share in a public way what HE BELIEVES is JESUS CHRIST's Will for his life—to Preach the Gospel, so that JESUS can come soon. You are appealing to, as Judges, the General Public WORLDWIDE, of ANYONE in the world, who happens to WATCH YOUTUBE, even people who hate Seventh day Adventists–to help you, Jr Cofer, put "David House" in his right place, and that he should "sit down and shut up, and no longer preach the Gospel as he understands it including the 3 Angel's Messages, which both you, Jr and David H, and I, Daniel Victor….love. So since neither you, JR nor David House are "Loyal members of the SDA Gen Conf Corp Church" who do whatever they tell you, YOU CANNOT ASK THEM to "Judge between You two". You also cannot ask any other SDA Ministry online to "judge between you" since most are also INDEPENDENT of the Gen Conf Corp, and don't take orders from them. Who would you like to settle the dispute between yourself and Pr David House? A Famous Rock-N-Roll Singer like Britney Spears, Madonna, or Latin Group? Would you like a famous black or white Sports Celebrity who is not SDA, like Dennis Johnson or Larry Bird, or Kevin McHale of the Boston Celtics (1986) to settle the matter between JR Cofer and David H.? Would you like the Supreme Court of the United States to Issue an order banning Pr David House from having a youtube Channel, in which he promotes the same 7th Day Sabbath that you believe in and teaches the same JESUS IS COMING SOON! that you teach…Maranatha!?? Would you like the Attorney General of the State of Florida or Virginia to issue an executive order banning David House from having a YouTube Channel? Because people everywhere who HATE US as SDAs might also like to do the same to ban YouTube Channel "JR Cofer" beings how that SDAs are not in the majority of the population, and we are opposed to the soon Coming SUNDAY Enforced False "Sabbath". Would you like The President of the United States Donald Trump, or former Pres Barack H. Obama to resolve the dispute between yourself and David House, JR? Would you like them to also BAN YOUR CHANNEL and shut down "Gospel of Health" for teaching nearly IDENTICAL DOCTRINES on many subjects, which I agree with also? JR Cofer you need to realize that your attempt to PUBLICLY PERSUADE the General PUblic on YouTube to "not listen to or believe Pr David House's teachings" based on JR Cofer's testimony that David H. once said "God was going to destroy Tampa"—which you have no proof of, but if he did, in reference to the general Destruction of the whole WORLD (2nd Peter 3:9-13 and 2 Thess 1:7-9, and Matt 24) then Pr David House made a true prediction. It just hasn't happened yet. Regarding Pr David House's personal life and association with or marriage to a woman, or sexual history, NO ONE YET has followed you around to see if YOU, JR Cofer have been with multiple girlfriends/wives or sex partners. We don't know your history in that regard. Part 1 of 2 to be continued…will send in mail to

  10. The Statement you make in the video "I fear for the life of JR Cofer. Because he has done sins like Korah, Dathan and Abirum, the sons of Eli or sons of Aaron etc" that's all just psychobabble for "I'm hoping that God will strike JR Cofer dead so that he will stop criticizing me or condemning me in public". That's what it translantes into!! GOD IS NOT PETTY and He will not get involved in resolving a simple dispute among the brethren, if you both as BRETHREN will not humble yourselves before HIM and allow The Godhead to use other SDAs to resolve differences between yourselves. Both JR Cofer and David House need to just humble themselves in private, before JESUS CHRIST ("…when ye pray enter into your closet and God Who seeth in secret shall reward thee OPENLY…") The Holy Father in Heaven, The Kind, Merciful, Compassionate, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY RIGHTEOUS FATHER loves both of you. JESUS loves both of you. STOP TALKING and talking and talking about each other. KEEP PREACHING PUBLICLY ON YOUTUBE, both of you! JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTHS about the issues that are between yourselves. NO BODY CARES what happened between you and JR Cofer. GOD DOES! JESUS DOES! but to the rest of us, its just babbling. PREACH JESUS CHRIST and THE BIBLE. I don't see JR Cofer or David House's names mentioned in the BIBLE. Just read it.

  11. Can u all just get together before you all, look each other in the eyes and forgive
    Each other and hug and embrace , get the heart rate beating with love and sympathy
    For each other…
    Otherwise you won't be ready to go to the kindom

  12. Thank you so much for your blessed ministry Brother House. There will be and have been and continue to be tests for us and our fellow saints. I pray we all continue in prayer not just for ourselves but for all the others who are asleep and or not on the right path. The narrow and straight path.

  13. I'm sorry but this is not biblical! He first needed to go to the brother that he had something against then you supposed to bring a witness if that doesn't work more witnesses and if that doesn't work put them on blast! Anyone who does not follow this template is automatically wrong! I'm tired of biblical Scholars not following their own advice… That is all

  14. It is incredibly heart breaking that this is occurring amongst our brethren. Is this the portrayal of God's remnant that we wish to present to the world? Particularly, during these closing moments of earth's history? I think not. Our mandate is to call people out of spiritual darkness into God's marvelous light of truth, as indicated in the three angels messages in Revelation chapter 14. Have you both lost sight of this? Brother House, I did not agree with Brother Cofer's decision to air your dirty laundry in public and neither do I agree with your video response. In my view, you seem to be a sincere and humble man of God, whereas Brother Cofer appears prideful and arrogant. However, I do not know either of you personally. Our Heavenly Father sure does, and I can assure both of you that He is not pleased with either of your pursued courses of action. You are both sowing discord and disunity amongst the brethren and worse yet, serving as stumbling blocks to the ungodly. This is merely a case of he said, he said. I strongly detect a situation of contending for ministerial supremacy, which essentially is a matter of SELF once again, rearing its ugly head.

    Over and over, we are admonished by the Servant of the Lord, on how we are to address these matters. Have you and Brother Cofer sat down to have an intimate dialogue regarding your issues and/or take the additional steps, in accordance with the biblical counsel? This is precisely why I will continue to encourage God's people to fully immerse themselves in the writings of Sister White, the ONLY last day prophet of our God, as opposed to relying on the teachings of ministers, in or outside of Present Truth. We can never go wrong, if Sister White is our source of guidance and inspiration. It is my hope that this rift is put to rest, sooner rather than later, and you both can get on with our Father's business. Please be reminded that unless we get to the place where we reflect the meek and lowly image of Jesus, we will NEVER enter His kingdom.

  15. why on earth are you worried about whether or not your marriage is sanctioned by Cofin? OMG hes not the dude eating your wifes food nor the man having to suffer a woman's pining morning noon and night. Where in Scripture does it record the brethren choosing another mans mate. Dude, wise up and reject wrong counsel. This is not of God!
    If this argument is about whos money goes where, already you are on wrong ground. Paul payed his own way David, you go do the same and the Lord will seal your ministry. This unction of seeking from another mortal being sanction to preach is not biblical. Either you are called of God or you're not……This was Paul's argument against the Church of Jerusalem. Go study what Paul said about the letters he wrote to the Church of Corinth. I bid you God Speed and bless your ministry,……not under mans approval but the approval of Christs redemptive Everlasting blood. AMEN

  16. Looking at your body language, JR Cofer, you come across as a very proud, boastful person who is EXTREMELY OVERCONFIDENT to the max, thinking that you, JR Cofer are "some great one" mentioned in Acts. Your opinion JR Cofer about David House is worth NOTHING. You appear to be the aggressor in the problem with you and David House. You appear to have started the PUBLIC FIGHT (verbal one, a war of words) with David House by verbally publicly attacking him. His video "Preacher of Gossip" which he did about you, is just as wrong as yours about him. STOP, Stop, stop, in JESUS Name. You, JR Cofer are literally saying that The Holy Spirit's efforts to bring people to a knowledge of JESUS truth through David House's sermons—is of no value. My (JR Cofer's) opinions about David House is that "he is young and inexperienced and not qualified to preach". THat is the overall message you're conveying. Many SDAs may feel that way about you too, JR Cofer. Not qualified to speak, just a "wing-man" out there flying by the seat of your pants! Well, I don't AGREE. Keep preaching YOUR VERSION of "Who Jesus is" and let David House preach His version of "Who JESUS is" and if you and him never forgive each other, before JESUS Comes, you will both be BURNING IN HELLFIRE with Satan your Arrogant Master, that is how you come across to me. Arrogant, bossy, and wanting to "shut down" David House by your looking down your nose at him. He is a fellow black man. I'm a white man. When you were here in MIAMI, I patiently listed to you RAMBLING YOUR OPINIONS for about 7 hours in your meeting 5-10 years ago, and treated you with RESPECT. Then you had questions and answers at the Rented University of Miami, classroom where you were speaking. There was no Conference SDA Church in Miami, apparently that wanted to allow you to preach in a local church, even though the General Conference wasn't nearly as corrupt as it is NoW, with LGBT wickedness and Celebration Worship even worse, NLP Preachers from Andrews Univ, Statues violating the 2nd Commandment in front of Walla Walla College/University Church and at Loma Linda Medical Center. But still I patiently listed as you gave your opinions–while Henriques was there silently on the front row. You said IGNORED my question to you to please speak to the Audience about the false doctrine many present were teaching about "God never kills, not even in the Lake of Fire". When after you finished the service and still hadn't spoken to the issue, I demanded that you give an answer about it, loudly to the whole audience. Then you got ANGRY and OFFENDED and stated that "We need to take this outside" like you wanted to fight me. Psalms says "Great Peace have they which love Thy Law and nothing shall offend them." Psalms 119: so apparently, JR Cofer doesn't love God's Law yet. You then outside angrily stated to me that "I don't have to answer your question to the Audience because I am not your slave" In Violation of the Scripture of Paul who said "Be ready always to give an anwer to EVERY MAN (white, black, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Atheist, Catholic, infidel, unbeliever who ever) a REASON of the Hope that is in you with meekness and Godly fear" On that occasion, you were violating all the Scriptures about getting offended. You were refusing to do a Bible duty, give a Biblical answer of what you believe to a question, because the man asking was white, not black like you. THen you were showing RACISM by suggesting FALSELY that you would become "a slave of a white man" if you were forced to answer a question. I must forgive YOU IN JESUS' Name, but you should still reply to this asking for forgiveness, or it will just prove that you are as arrogant as you were on that day. You should ask for forgiveness from me, and pray for me as well.

  17. 12/20/2017 5:52pm Miami FL Pastor David House, (& JR Cofer too!) the very thing you David accuse JR Cofer of, you are now doing to him. You, David House are now gossiping about JR Cofer. Just stop. Get this video, please, in JESUS' Name, and for HIS SAKE—off your channel. Jesus does not tell us to "not gossip" and it be OK for You, David House to gossip about JR Coffer, but it's a "SIN" for JR Cofer to speak ill or gossip about you! What's wrong with you brother? THis is a personal issue between you, DAVID HOUSE and JR COFER and you need to keep it a private matter of prayer. Both YOU, David House and JR Cofer will be BURNING IN HELL FIRE with SATAN if you both don't repent of the spirit of condemnation of each other. We are all sinners. We all need JESUS' Mercy including you, David House. Your video is delaying the 2nd Coming of JESUS. God doesn't enter into our squabbles. He will resolve them, but Gives us the HOLY SPIRIT to "be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as Christ JESUS forgave you." I do not sense a spirit of forgiveness on your Part David House, toward JR Cofer, neither do I sense a spirit of forgiveness on JR Cofer's video about you. That is why you both are bickering and both "exposing the other one as "A Gossiper" which you are BOTH GUILTY of! STOP! STOP! STOP! please in JESUS Name. Get rid of these videos off your channel and his and pray for each other. Amen. Jesus said in Matthew 5 "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called THE CHILDREN OF GOD." The reverse is also TRUE, David House "Cursed are the STRIFEMAKERS who instigate fights/debates among You, for they shall be called "The Children of the Devil (Satan)." This video is from Satan because you apparently WANT GOD The Holy Father in Heaven to help "shame your enemy JR Cofer for gossiping about David House" But God doesn't want to do that! JESUS said "Love your enemies do good to them that hate you and PRAY FOR THEM that despitefully USE YOU and persecute you, that ye may be the CHILDREN of YOUR FATHER Which is IN HEAVEN." Therefore, this video shows David House to be an SDA who wants all the Viewers on YOUTUBE to be "his mediator" between himself and JR Cofer, NOT The HOLY FATHER in Heaven! Stop, brother. In shaming a fellow SDA, JR Cofer, you also shame yourself because we are of the same doctrine, belief, and Hope of JESUS' Coming as JR Cofer. If Jesus Christ cannot get you, David House to FORGIVE JR Cofer, and JR Cofer to forgive David House, for anything and everything that happened between YOU and HIM—Then JESUS will be burning in the lake of FIRE, both of you in the 2nd Resurrection, outside the walls of the Holy City New Jerusalem. is that what you want? You are a preacher, David House, read Matthew 6 Jesus said "For if ye forgive not men their trespasses, NEITHER will Your Heavenly Father forgive YOU (David House & JR Cofer!) I command both of YOU IN JESUS' NAME forgive each other at once and stop gossiping about each other. I receive a great blessing from both David House's other sermons and JR Cofer's other sermons where you guys are not attacking each other verbally! So what is the Solution? Repent! Get rid of these videos and Pray for one another and forgive each other. You will both be BURNING IN HELL if you don't!

  18. Pr David House…In JESUS' Name..please get this video off your channel. I always receive great blessing from your sermons, except this one! But I notice that on this video you don't 1. Kneel and Pray at the Beginning. You need JESUS' help for every other sermon, but you don't need JESUS' help, to expose your perceived "errors of JR Cofer"? So let's start the video out right: Pray. "Holy Father in Heaven, we come to you in JESUS Name asking for you help to reconcile the differences between JR Cofer and myself David House. Please Help me to forgive Jr Cofer for evilspeaking or unkind words about me. Please forgive JR Cofer for his unkind and self-righteous rebuking of me, whom am sharing JESUS' 3 Angels Messages.Pr JR Cofer, it appears that you have over 8,000 Subscribers. This means that you are more famous on YouTube than David House, or me, Channel "Thieleman Van Braght", however, JESUS CHRIST wants to use every professed SDA in the World to lift up JESUS. I receive a great blessing out of many of your sermons. You degrade yourself when you condescend to BICKER with David House of Saving Health…DONT WASTE JESUS' TIME! Lift up JESUS' name. if you want to expose false Christs, and false Prophets why don't you expose a false BELIEF SYSTEM (like bogus "Prosperity Gospel", counterfit miracles, etc) or EXPOSE Famous SUNDAY PREACHERS who have a record of being debunked like "Benny Hinn Exposed" Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar Jr, Kenneth Copeland & "T.D. Jakes Debunked" don't try to debunk other SDA preachers who are sharing JESUS with the world. I'm trying to get David House to stop speaking ill of you, and pray for you. JR Cofer, You need to do the same for David. The Apostle Peter said "Avenge not yourselves but give place unto wrath…" One way people who are public figures avenge themselves now-a-days, is to make Public Shaming of those with which they disagree. Such as Your video "JR Cofer Preacher of Gossip". With that Title, you are telling anybody in the whole world THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT and JESUS CHRIST have nothing of TRUTH to say to anybody through this man, because YOU, Pr. David House, have a personal vendetta or issue against him. What people who are NOT SDA and don't believe the truth that we do WILL BELIEVE is that therefore NEITHER of you, JR Cofer nor David House are inspired of God. They may even reject the 7th Day Sabbath truth because of your quarelling. bro JR Cofer you should not try to tell David House that he "should not preach or use his logo Saving Health…" because in the past he (in your opinion) made some mistakes and taught (in your opinion) "error". GIVE THE WORLD JR COFER's version of what JESUS is like. Don't forbid brother David House. When the disciples came to JESUS one day and said "Lord, we found another working miracles/ preaching in Thy Name, and we forbad him." and JESUS said "Forbid him not FOR NO MAN that can work a miracle (or preach too!) in MY NAME can lightly speak evil of Me." You DISHONOR JESUS CHRIST and Holy Father in Heaven, JR Cofer, when you try to discourage Pr David House from sharing his version of the Gospel. Just lift up JESUS as you see and know him, and don't forbid or attack other preachers. If somebody were publicly to ask you what you think of David House or his teaching, in a meeting say "I pray for him, but disagree with him on certain beliefs he has" You JR Cofer are, like me, a wicked sinner, being saved by JESUS' Grace. Therefore have mercy upon your fellow SDAs! Jesus doesn't want you to be kind with Roman Catholics or Jesuits, or Baptists or Lutherans, but can verbally attack or be as angry or hateful as you want to to anyone (like David House) who as a brother is in error? Be kind to all men, including David House! You are not righteous in your own right! You are a sinner too…Repent

  19. I am looking forward to seeing a day when self supportive ministries will lay aside their differences and unite in truth, I pray for unity IN TRUTH between Andrew Henriques and Jeremiah Davis, JR Coffer and David House and many others in the regular and irregular lines, Amen.

    Psalm 133 King James Version (KJV)
    1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

    2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;

    3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

  20. My dear brother I pray you see this mistake it is not too late to recall this publicly because you did this publicly you are now under the mandate to repent publicly so many people here making statements cannot be wrong the Lord did not tell you to do this self told you to do this all these folks cannot be wrong one or two here is already in the wrong saying oh they're going to stand with you they're not going to stand with your cover so you have added to the division take heed the system you fall John and James wanted to call fire down on people who weren't doing after the so-called gospel order in their mind in Jesus day but Jesus said to them you know not what Spirit ye are of this is the same thing my dear brother you know not what Spirit you are of it's okay we all make mistakes but this is a big one because God is not in it yet you were saying God is in it so how can we continue to listen to you and respect what you're doing if you are now saying God is insane cannot be my dear friend cannot be please please please fast and pray about this and make a repentance video and God will bless you blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly amen amen I will look forward to this video

  21. My dear brother, Jesus was called Beelzebub and a trouble of the people. Jesus never addressed these accusations. Wonder why!!
    If you are in the right, your ministry cannot fail, neither can his if he is of God. Leave all things to God. When u publicly call something on someone's wrong doing try not to call names, for then it's retaliation, which I am struggling with. The SOP quotes will stand by themselves. I pray u see this

  22. I love you brother house I love your ministry you've helped me so much and everything I don't care what anybody says I will always watch your Ministry and I just really love everything you preach and teach thank you so much for everything you've taught me with health obeying God's laws everything, thank you brother house I will always watch a videos

  23. I pray the days would return when we would write letters or call on the phone whenever we have an issue with each other everything is placed for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE.. When we make public certain issues we have to be careful that we don't cause another soul to stumble. There are a lot of persons on the outside looking in did you consider these persons, I guess we always want to protect SELF , and these are the issues that keep them from coming to. Our churches..the Devil keeps playing the same game of distraction over and over and we keep falling for it. When was the last time we spent ALL NIGHT praying ,pleading for a brother.? My heart hurts really hurts
    Self, self self!!!. Must die. They talked so many things about Christ. Called him every name they could find.,I wonder what Christ would have done in a situation like this. Hoo. I forgot we are the generations that's going to finish the work, we'll this looks promising! !!!?????

  24. Pr David House of Saving House…I agree with you that JR Cofer has likely done you wrong. IGNORE that and just tell the people about JESUS. I encourage you to take down this video from your list of awesome, great sermons. God is using both you, and JR Cofer to reach people who don't even know the truth about the 7th Day Sabbath vs Mark of Beast. You degrade yourself by harping about what JR Cofer isn't doing right. We are all sinners. Just forgive JR Cofer in JESUS Name. If JRs sin against he doesn't REPENT OF, JR will be burning in Hellfire with Satan and the demons at the end of the world. You should not mention one thing about "fearing for the life of Jr Cofer" that is foolish to speak like that. If the Holy Spirit were going to "strike JR Cofer dead" like He did in Acts 4 or 5 "Annanias and Saphira" who lied to the HOLY GHOST, if JR Cofer committed that kind of sin, you should not "fear for JR Cofer's life" You should do like Peter did. Just submit to the will of The Holy Spirit. Peter did not say to An and Saph…"I fear for you that the Holy Ghost may strike you dead" That would have been faithless psycho-babble. You appear to have a vendetta against JR Cofer. It is totally stupid to say in your video "I (David House) am not planning to hurt or kill JR Cofer" It totally goes without saying that if you love JESUS you wouldn't even think of doing that to any apostate Preacher including the Apostate Jesuits in the General Conference of SDAs, the blaspheming Pope of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. We are all sinners. Even the Blasphemer in the VATICAN, if he repents now and takes of the Fish hat, gets rid of the Blasphemous title "Holy Father"–and becomes a Seventh day Adventist–JESUS CHRIST would forgive him too! So Pr David House, don't talk about JR Cofer's sins at length. Delete this video off your channel. Read I Corinthians 6 "What, know ye not that we shall Judge Angels, how much more things pertaining to this life." "Ye ought rather to take wrong, but ye defraud, and that your brethren." JR Cofer who mistreated me also, is not a wicked person who hates JESUS and advancing the SUNDAY MOVEMENT. He is a Seventh day Adventist brother who is simply in slight error for speaking out against you, David House. You David House, are also a child of JESUS who is making as a brother, a slight ERROR in speaking against him. From the time of Moses till now comes streaming down the ages of the question of Moses to two Hebrews fighting with each other, "Sirs, ye are brethren why do ye wrong one to another. And he that did his brother wrong thrust him (Moses) away from him saying "Who made thee a Judge or ruler over us? Wilt thou kill me as thou didest the Egyptian yesterday?"

  25. Faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. There will always be those who cause dissension. Our mission is not about us, but about glorifying God and giving the good news of what Jesus did for us to a dying world.

  26. I listened to your video "How Will the 144,000 Overcome Sin and Temptation…Rev. 14. " Stay focused and follow your own advice David. This is not a time, prior to closing of probation, for both of you to be in conflict.

  27. Typo correction in my comments below I accidently left out a letter "t" in the word this. it should read "…subscribed to this false doctrine" not "his false doc.." speaking of JR Cofer. Once again like sister Matilda Forde. Let us forgive one another and pray for one another. However if the problem with JR Cofer is an ongoing one, and he will continue to speak/gossip about Pr David House, then I'm with you and side with you. He definitely was in error and JR Cofer has never expressed any remorse or sorrow for how he treated me, Daniel Victor…so I don't doubt that he has mistreated Pr David House. Let us hope he will ask JESUS to forgive him for how he treated us. 1 John 1:9 "If We confess our sins, He (JESUS) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." vs 8 "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us…" Romans 8:1-4

  28. Pr/Bro David House I greatly appreciate your ministry Saving Health Min, am subscribed to your channel, and watched many of your videos full length, always receive a blessing. I agree with Matilda Forde in her comments below. The Apostle Paul said "if any of you have a quarrel against another FORGIVE one another…In JESUS' Name I am SDA, but separate from Conference. 5 to 7 Years ago, when JR Cofer, at that time traveling with Henriques of Prophesy Again came to MIAMI, and did a weekend meeting at University of Miami, rented room, I was there with 50 to 75 other SDAs some self supporting and some curiosity Conference SDA members. There were 15 or 20 Independent SDAs from a group in Miami that believes the LIE that "God never kills, has never done it and never will" They believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were metaphors, that JESUS CHRIST didn't actually send fire down from Heaven and consume the cities of the plain, like the BIBLE says I mentioned to brother Henriques that this group is here (quietly and said to him that belief is totally unbiblical, and he agreed with me, as did JR Cofer) JR Cofer was in charge of the meeting and did most of the speaking. Bro Henriques was mainly just there as moral support, but I wanted to hear his views. At that time, I got the sense that Henriques was the one with greater wisdom and knowledge and I would have preferred to hear him speak more. It was about 7 hours total for the 7th Day Sabbath, that we were there. Toward the end of the meeting, JR Cofer offered a time of "questions and answers", and he passed out a piece of paper w small pencil to each person who wanted to write a question and submit it. I carefully wrote my question asking him to please speak to the issue of the false doctrine that many present were believing, that "God doesn't kill" since many present subscribed to his false doctrine. In my question I asked what about the "Fire came down from God out of Heaven and devoured them (speaking of Satan, the demons, and the wicked who are in the 2nd Resurrection) DO YOU THINK that after a last final effort to take the New Jerusalem from the outside, and overthrow JESUS CHRIST, just then crowned KING OF KINGS and LORD of lords…Forever—that Satan will then commit massive suicide by burning himself up in the lake of fire, and also killing all the wicked? What about Spirit of Prophesy statements that talk about the each wicked person, Satan and the demons will suffer in duration and intensity according to the level/degree of sin(s) they committed? Anyway, I was very anxious for JR Cofer to speak a little to the group about the question. The Bible says be ready ALWAYS to give an answer to every man a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear (reverence). But JR Cofer stubbornly REFUSED EVER at any time to speak to the question I had asked, perhaps out of desire to keep the 20+ people present happy, or perhaps out of a racist desire to refuse to help a white man who posed it. I waited while he answered questions for over an hour. Then he knelt down and said let us all kneel for the closing prayer. I had not interrupted him even once while he was speaking or preaching for hours. I had been respectful. I have never sat in a Conference SDA Church which was doing Celebration Rock N Roll Music with my mouth shut. Every time, I will go forward and tell the our SDA brethren that in JESUS Name we need to sing the reverent hymns and scripture songs or new music which some one has written which honors God. I have been physically picked up and dragged/carried out of, and thrown out of one SDA Church, the Portuguese SDA Church in Seakonk, MA and they threatened to MURDER me for asking if we could sing hymns out of the SDA Hymnal (in May/April 2007) instead of the HEAVY rock n roll they were playing. I am not afraid to publicly speak out or interrupt if blasphemy or wickedness was taking place. But on this occasion, I respect all the protocol of the program in place without interrupting anything. I believe that JESUS CHRIST wanted JR Cofer to set the record straight on this issue. After JR Cofer's closing prayer, which I was quietly kneeling through the entire prayer, when he stood up, I demanded that he answer my written question to address the "God doesn't ever kill" LIE. He got immediately angry and turned into a RACIST who hates white people and told me "Let's take this outside" like he wanted to fight me or something!! I never suggested anything like that and other people present were shocked that JR Cofer wouldn't just answer the question, which is what the BIBLE requires. "Give an answer to every man that ask you.." (What we believe the Bible/SOP say about any doctrine.) JR Cofer then stated angrily to me "I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE (outside classroom)" Implying that he would become a SLAVE of A WHITE MAN, if he were forced to answer the question I had respectfully asked him in writing, and patiently waited for over an hour for him to speak to. He showed contempt, hatred and racism. But, guess what…JESUS LOVES JR Cofer and if that incident would be a reason for JESUS CHRIST to keep JR Cofer out of HEAVEN and burn JR instead in hellfire, I would beg JESUS, like I'm doing now "LORD JESUS please forgive JR Cofer and help him to continue to share the 7th Day Sabbath Truth, the 3 Angels Messages so others and JR Cofer too can be in Thy Heavenly Kingdom. Amen says Daniel Victor… Now what does JESUS Himself say about the subject of JR Cofer and David House and that other guy in the chat who falsely accuses David House of saying he is going to destroy Tampa Bay (David House has never said those things!) Matthew 6 Jesus said "…For if ye forgive NOT MEN their trespasses, neither will your Father in Heaven forgive YOU." IN JESUS NAME…I forgive JR Cofer and want him to keep working for JESUS to wins souls. David house please, in JESUS Name forgive JR Cofer through JESUS' blood and keep telling people about JESUS. I have never seen any video on YouTube of JR Cofer talking about you. Let's just pray for one another in JESUS name.

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