“Revelation: The False Prophet”

Who is the False Prophet of Revelation 13? Is he alive today? Is it Pope Francis? As we continue our study through Revelation Pastor Tom will look at the subject of the False Prophet. What is his role in the EndTimes? Where will he rise from?
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  1. it's Matthews 10:5 these 12 Jesus sent forth and commanded them say go not into the way of the Gentiles and into any city of the Samaritans enter unit. the Gentiles were looking for messiah there were law on to their own God made a covenant with the house of Israel only not with the Gentiles the Jews were looking for a Messiah. the lady at the well said when the Messiah comes he will tell us all things. see when you have the Holy Spirit the holy spirit will tell you all things that's why you do do not need the Bible. you see these pastors and preachers there in the Bible they don't have the Holy Spirit. all these preachers they prophesize and make predictions and they all come short. I see a lot of preachers prophecy when Jesus going to come they all fall short their faith is in the Bible it's not in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. please close the book come to Jesus. Jesus and God loves everybody but he doesn't like what you do the evil things that you do. please do not go to church please do not listen to these preachers please do not pay money to the church. please do not have your faith in the book The Bible. the Bible is not the word of God those scriptures were holy one time in the old Covenant. but today you're in the New Covenant Jesus is the word of God when he speaks his words are living holy spirit is the word of God.

  2. Matthew 10 5 ds 12 Jesus sent forth and commanded them say go not into the way of the Gentiles and into any cities of the Samaritans enter you not. Jesus did not want his Apostles under the law they were not to go into the land of the Gentiles in the Samaritans because the Gentiles were not looking for a messiah they were law into their own. the Jews were looking for messiah God made a covenant with them only. you could read the Bible as history but it's been tainted or changed and Lost in Translation you'll know about Jesus Christ but you will never truly know him. so please closed book come to Jesus. you only have access to Jesus in the spirit not in the flesh Jesus condemn the flesh. you need to pray in the spirit. go to a dark place or room close your eyes concentrate on your breathing. countdown to 10. you will be in the spirit Realm. say I pray in the Holy Spirit tell Jesus you repent and you want to change from your evil ways to his Godly ways. ask Jesus to ply his blood to you and fill you with the Holy Spirit. and remember you could baptize yourself in Jesus's name. baptize yourself in the bathtub swimming pool lakes or Rivers. please do not get baptized by a preacher or by the Bible or in the church. and there is no such a thing of the Holy Trinity God didn't die the Holy Spirit and died they are one they are for Everlasting Jesus is the only one that died on the cross. please close the book come to Jesus

  3. the false prophets are the preachers. they put you in the Bible those scriptures in the Bible or not to you they are to the Jews to the house of Israel God made a covenant with them only in that time. When Jesus walked the Earth. see this pastor does not have the Holy Spirit because if the Holy Spirit was in him it would teach him all things 1 John 2:27. he probably went to a Bible school or college and then he has the right to preach. no he does not have the right to preach. when you're filled with the Holy Spirit Jesus Will anoint you a teacher a preacher evangelist A Healer or whatever he chooses. this gentleman pastor is not anointed preacher by Jesus Christ. he's anointed by the Bible and man. because remember God does not dwell in temples made by hand Jesus is the high priest of your temple the temple in you if you have the Holy Spirit. that's why Jesus tore down the temple and he had the Muslims build their mosque on it so they're not going to build it back. Jesus is the high priest not this pastor. Romans 10:4 for Christ is the end of the law righteous those to everyone that believes. this pastor reads from the Bible it puts you under the law the law was only for the Jewish people. not for Gentiles that means non-jews. even the Jews today are under the Holy Spirit and even the Gentiles.

  4. Dollars to donuts, Jared Kushner will play a huge role if not a pivotal role. If you haven't researched him, you should. Mark my words. Start with his baby 666 Fifth Avenue where someone in that building is manufacturing those capsules people are now injecting themselves with to "make life easier". Latest news is he's going to sell that building. He has a huge payment due in February that he cannot afford. Tried to get the Saudi's to buy in as well as the Chinese. It's also getting quite a bit of press so will he sell or just pretend to?

  5. This current pope, or any pope, is not going to be the False Prophet. The only religion that could unite Islam and Pseudo-Christianity is Judaism, because they both came from it. The Pope will simply be used to usher in the lies about technology, aliens, universalism, or whatever else will allow them to continue to remain important because the Roman Catholic Church is irrelevant.

  6. I have no idea what the mathematical odds are that in the last generation a man would rise up having the number 666 in his name and having a deadly wound that was healed, while maintaining the rulership of the most powerful position in the world – but it happened. and everyone, for the most part, is ignoring it. Ronald(6) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) is the only man who has fulfilled the prophecy of the first Beast mentioned in Chapter 13 of Revelation. And currently we have a man holding the same office, exercising the same judicial power that Ronald Reagan did – who is pretending to be one of the sheep while going around the country and getting on Twitter speaking like a dragon. It's only a matter of time before Satan's counterfeit (John) the Baptist, Donald (John)Trump the false prophet, will begin implementing the mark of the beast system and enforcing the warship of the image of Ronald Wilson Reagan. and when Reagan's image comes onto the scene, he will be one of the seven, the 8th King – the one who was, and is not, but yet is.

  7. Yes it is Pope Francis. All you have to do is convert verse Rev.13:11 in the KJV Bible into numbers using simple English gematrta A=1—-Z=26 and then if you understand Gods numerology it reveals Pope Francis name time and date that He becomes the Pope. If you convert Rev.2:17 it reveals his birth date.

    Here is an example.

    Rev.2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. = 8+5 + 20+8+1+20 + 8+1+20+8 + 1+14 + 5+1+18 + 12+5+20 + 8+9+13 + 8+5+1+18 + 23+8+1+20 + 20+8+5 + 19+16+9+18+9+20 + 19+1+9+20+8 + 21+14+20+15 + 20+8+5 + 3+8+21+18+3+8+5+19 + 20+15 + 8+9+13 + 20+8+1+20 + 15+22+5+18+3+15+13+5+20+8 + 23+9+12+12 + 9 + 7+9+22+5 + 20+15 + 5+1+20 + 15+6 + 20+8+5 + 8+9+4+4+5+14 + 13+1+14+14+1 + 1+14+4 + 23+9+12+12 + 7+9+22+5 + 8+9+13 + 1 + 23+8+9+20+5 + 19+20+15+14+5 + 1+14+4 + 9+14 + 20+8+5 + 19+20+15+14+5 + 1 + 14+5+23 + 14+1+13+5 + 23+18+9+20+20+5+14 + 23+8+9+3+8 + 14+15 + 13+1+14 + 11+14+15+23+5+20+8 + 19+1+22+9+14+7 + 8+5 + 20+8+1+20 + 18+5+3+5+9+22+5+20+8 + 9+20 = 2288 (English Ordinal)
    (200 letters, 52 words)

    Notice is is chapter 2 verse 17. You must have eyes to see. This is saying 217 for 12-17.

    The value of the verse is 2288. 22 x 88 =1936. We have 12-17-1936 Pope Francis birth date. This is what is meant by the hidden manna and a name that no man knoweth. Listed below is the beast of Rev.13:18 and has the same number as Pope Francis 313 which is the number of the beast.

    The number of the beast is 313 and not 666. Must unveil the word number SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX to get the hidden manna.
    Rev.13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
    God didn't say the number is 666. God said the number is SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX and to count it. In order to count the number we must assign a number to each letter in SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX and add it up to get the number of the beast. Once we have the number then we match it to a man name. We use simple English gematria to assign a number to each letter in the alphabet.
    Gematra A=1,B=2,C=3,D=4…….Z=26
    Go to http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php
    Enter SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX =313 English Ordinal
    Enter VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN =313 English Ordinal
    SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX =313 and 26 letters in the number
    SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX = 19+9+24 + 8+21+14+4+18+5+4 + 20+8+18+5+5+19+3+15+18+5 + 1+14+4 + 19+9+24 = 313 (English Ordinal)
    (26 letters, 5 words)
    VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN =313 and 26 letters in the name
    VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH PUTIN = 22+12+1+4+9+13+9+18 + 22+12+1+4+9+13+9+18+15+22+9+3+8 + 16+21+20+9+14 = 313 (English Ordinal)
    (26 letters, 3 words)
    God said count the number so we have 26 letters in the number. We need to count TWENTY AND SIX to get his birth date.

    TWENTY = 20+23+5+14+20+25 = 107

    AND = 1+14+4 = 19

    SIX = 19+9+24 = 52

    10-7-1952 President Putin birth date and is the beast of Rev.13:18

    Pope Francis has the same number and is the false prophet. He became the Pope on 3-13-2013 which is the number of the beast 313.

    Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE2lHveeCWo

    To learn some of the song that no man can learn except the 144000.

    Jesus gets all the glory and credit!!!

  8. No mention of Europe being flooded with Muslims. Sharia law now in full operation in many European countries. Birth rate amongst European Muslims is now 8.1 per family compared with Europeans at 1.8. This is Europe's greatest current threat – not the Pope. At this rate, Europe will be Muslim majority by 2050.

  9. There's just no way that the Pope will be accepted as the religious leader of the world.You should give the world more credit than that.I know that,for me,and for most protestants I know,the Pope's religion is a complete turn off–and that goes for unbelievers too.People aren't stupid,and to accept this facade ,apparatus called"Catholicism",without being raised up that way,would be the height of religious stupidity.The Catholic Church is being held together by bubble-gum and pop-sickle sticks that consists and is held together by superstition,fear of hell,and,guilt.Most people would have nothing to do with such things–which is why Catholics are leaving the church in droves now that the old school Catholics are dying.Even if the pope were to do some miracles we need to remember that Jesus and the disciples did miracles too–with Jesus even rising from the dead-and yet,the Jews not only rejected them,but persecuted and killed them.The Pope is too easy of a target for believers.Do you really think that a supernatural angel who's the master of deception would be so obvious by presenting the Pope together with some antichrist ,Hitlerish,dictator as the best deception ever,that would deceive "the whole world"?

  10. Hi, Pastor Tom: Just some food for thought here…I think a lot of people confuse the Harlot church/Mystery Babylon with Beast worship (which is instigated by the false prophet). They are two distinct end time religions. The scarlet beast and the harlot work together to destroy Christians (that is, people who come to Christ after the rapture of the church). This is at the beginning of the 7 years. Around the midpoint, the Beast will do away with the Harlot and her religious system. Revelation 17:16, 17 says, "And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot; they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast…" This is because once the antichrist is in control for 42 months after the abomination of desolation, there will be no other religion allowed. The false 'trinity' of the Beast, the Dragon and the False prophet will insist, upon penalty of death, that everyone worship only the Beast. This precludes the pope, Catholicism or any other religion from being a part of the religious control matrix during the reign of the beast. Thanks for your commitment to Christ. I enjoy watching your videos. 😀

  11. The trinity of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet that release from their mouths, the three frogs who are unclean spirits in Revelation 16:13 should cause a triune lightbulb to flicker on.

    Those with ears that shema, let them Shema.

    Shema Y'Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord.

    Revelation is the final conflict between the Almighty God and the trinity gods pretending to be God.

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