Roman Catholic Hierarchy of the SDA church

Many are aware that the Roman Catholic church has infiltrated the SDA church. But not many know how deep. This is the first of many videos that not only expose how deep that infiltration goes; these videos will show how the leaders in the SDA church did all they can to hide this from their own flock.

All links to prophetic and historic info mentioned in this video are listed my poGm blog entry at:

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  1. I am proud to be a Muslim because history has proven that: "Not Muslims" who started the first world war " "Not Muslim" who started the second world war "Not Muslim" who destroyed Hirosima and Nagasaki using an atomic bomb "Not Muslim" who killed 200 million Indians in North America "Not Muslim" which killed 80 million Indians in South America "Not Muslim" which killed 90 million aboriginal people in Australia "Not Muslims" who took 180 million Africans as slaves and dumped 70% of those who died in the Atlantic sea "Not Muslim" who invaded the country of Indonesia, Poland, Afghanistan, euthopia, Palestine, Iraq, and many more "Not Muslims" who started the poso, Ambon, Maluku, Papua and Sampit cases "Not Muslims" who slander Iraq with the issue of having weapons of mass destruction "Not Muslims" who greedily seize the Middle East oil fields "Not Muslim" who likes to insult prophets and other religions And I am proud because Islam has never shouted as a religion of peace because indeed it has actually lived to spread peace because Muslims have never attacked anyone Islam has never chanted human rights and tolerance, but Muslims are most tolerant of racist "American human rights warriors" against black people, In the appeal of the French who reject the veil, In Sweden's appeal that rejects the call to prayer, It was compared to Switzerland which refused to build a mosque "Muslim majority is tolerant" Muslim minorities are brave, but there is no tolerance for violating Allah's orders Muslims are not greedy dogs that desire to colonize Muslims are not greedy pigs that will ground down Muslims are not cunning monkeys who like to spread slander Muslims will never look for enemies and haram for Muslims to run away from enemies! ALLAHU AKBAR ✊

  2. Nicholas, I am from a crypto-jew Illuminati family and the infiltration is greater and more sinister than you can imagine. In March 2012, my mother was murdered by a cabal of friends and relatives for Mom's $12+million dollar estate. Until that time (I was then 55), I knew nothing about secret societies, freemasonry or crypto-jews. In fact, I don't recall ever hearing those words and I'd been reading the NY Times almost daily for over 30 years, so I thought I knew something. Turns out I didn't have a clue. In December 2012, I discovered by accident on that my family is jewish – a secret kept hidden from the few true Christians in the family for over 100 years. My parents and grandparents went to their graves never knowing the truth about their closest kin. Though raised a lukewarm Protestant, I'd fallen away from the faith big time, but I had enough Christian Sunday school (ironically taught by a Freemason) to realize something was horribly wrong and that we were likely nearing what the bible calls the "time of the end." So I set about studying why my relatives had kept their jewish faith hidden from the rest of us and what, exactly, is Freemasonry?
    Given you are better educated than I about today's events, I'm probably not telling you anything new – that Freemasons are crypto-jews who use their lodges in the same fashion jews use their synagogues which is to: 1. study the Babylonian Talmud, 2. practice Kabbalah/Cabalah witchcraft/magick/sorcery, and 3. worship Lucifer, their god. From what I have learned the 2 biggest secrets today are how great in number is the crypto-jew population in America and why they have kept secret their jewish belief since the Spanish Inquisition and to what end. I am from Indiana, actually named after the goddess, Diana, with the sexual reference "in", hence, "in-Diana." [Contrary to what we were told in school, it has NOTHING to do with native Americans which makes sense when you know that to be called an Indian in the early 1800's was considered a racial slur.] Indiana has been governed by the crypto-jew Freemasons since it's inception which explains in part why our Chief Supreme Court Judge John Roberts, Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Advisor Dan Coats are all from Indiana. My stepfather's best friend was a yearly attendee at Bohemia Grove though when he told me so in the early 1990's I failed to understand what that meant. Interestingly, the Indianapolis law firm where my stepfather was a partner had their own cabin at Bohemia Grove, though to the best of my knowledge he never attended a meeting there, but spent his summer holiday instead in Scotland, where I know he met with his Illuminati counterparts.
    Having typed all that, I'll cut to the end. Basically, what you see happening now is a jew and crypto-jew takeover of our country. For centuries they have woven the maze of their infiltration and it is nearly complete. For example, the judges who passed the gay marriage law were secret society members and it's their children who make up the majority of the LGBT community.
    As it turns out, during my lifetime, I've met only a few people who are not involved in the conspiracy. What I also know is that freemasons have targeted every person who is not a potential Luciferian for destruction via either suicide or witchcraft. My Mother went to her grave never knowing her closest relatives had plotted to destroy her marriage to my Father and that both her subsequent husbands were very high level Freemasons (her 2nd husband was killed in a plane crash in 1967 after a little more than 3 years of marriage). Even my sister is married to a Freemason who won't let her speak to me for 13 years now. It's one of the reasons America's divorce rate is so high because you meet someone you think is marriage material then not long after the honeymoon is over that person turns out to be not who you thought he/she was. So you get divorced only to have the Freemasons send you another Freemason your way to repeat the pattern.
    The majority of people in churches today are secret society members who are there to worship their god, Lucifer, led by either a Freemason or Jesuit pastor. Most of my maternal cousins attend a Protestant church in their community and one cousin has sung in his Methodist church choir for over 55 years!! My father's side of the family are all crypto-jews pretending to be Catholic, but as Catholicism is a pagan religion what does it matter?
    Lastly, millions of Sephardic jews came to America but "official sources" like to say it was approximately 100,000. Slavery was outlawed in the original 13 American colonies until 1661 when the jew/crypto-jew population was great enough to have the law changed so they could plant the labor intensive crops of cotton and tobacco. Before I end this comment I think it needs to be said that anybody can be jewish provided they worship Lucifer as I believe at this late date that one needn't be of any particular bloodline to be welcomed into their "tribe" so to speak.
    I highly recommend 2 books:
    1. When Scotland Was Jewish by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman published 2013; and
    2. The Grandees: America's Sephardic Elite by Stephen Birmingham, published in 1971.
    What Caldwell-Hirschman fails to report is that Scotland is STILL jewish, yet that book taught me more history than I'd ever imagine possible in one book.
    Kind regards, Cynthia
    Should you be interested, follows is the link to an interview-testimony I did four years ago:

  3. So Nicholas… are you saying the SDA church ought to be congregational instead of conference led/controlled? IF so, then each pastor is not paid the same as the other church regions, even within the same state, or same amount of churches he shepherds. Am I missing something here?

  4. Hey guys, I saw a youtube clip where a roman catholic priest during an interview was laughting stating we "are still bringing believers to us throught music" and when I saw that I thought to my self what is he talking about so I decided to search it out and found…..

    Babylonion music from the roma catholic and her apostate sister churches, and these are just a few.

    Amazing Grace by John Newton, Anglican
    Joy to the world by Isaac Watts , united methodist
    Hark! The herald angel sing, Charles Wesley, methodist
    Oh come all ye faithful , John F Wade, Catholic
    Silent night, Joseph Mohr, Catholic priest
    Holy holy holy, Reginald Heber, Church of england

    When you sing a song to worship YHWH in Jesus name make sure its safe.

    My self I do as scripture instruct us, hum a melody and read psalms.


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