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“Tonight my very specials guest are Jamie Lee and Bruce Hillyer.

Jamie is a former investment banker and the man behind the popular website and YouTube channel called Aplanetruth. He is an alternative researcher exposing the dark agendas that many in the truth community won’t touch.

Bruce is the person behind the website The Modern Gnostic and spent 20 years in the insurance and financial industry with a fortune 100 company and after personally experiencing the financial crash of 2008 decided to dive deep into rabbit hole and unravel the sinister agenda undermining humanity.

In this show Jamie and Bruce will talk to us about the Jesuits, who they are along with helping us understand the staggering level of power and control they possess and how that influence is used to bring about their world order of total domination over humankind.”

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24 Replies to “(ROMANS) Zoroastrian Communitarian Aryan Jesuits who use the Victimhood Classification of “Jew””

  1. I finally finished watching this! That was good. Every since you posted the video "Caesar Trump's Lil Loyal Talpiots: The (Eagle) Scouts of America or Just future Legionnaires?" I started understanding the structure of globalists better, but still had some questions, and these guys answered many of them. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Trump and Pence are of course, staunch supporters of Israel's regime. It just shows that Catholicism and Zionism are closely linked the higher up you go in power. Its a shared service to their common master, Satan, which ultimately yokes them together. I imagine the coming antichrist will be equally appealing to both groups.

  3. NoRace, you really should watch the latest Warski steam with Jared Taylor. Please review it, maybe make a video on it? Like you did with previous Warski streams? Jared Taylor came across as very well spoken, very reasonable, very dare I say diplomatic and peaceful. I would love to here what you disagree with him on. Thanks.

  4. Yes the jesuits are responsible for the crimes in this world. So are the 'jews' and the zionists and the fabians and the sufis, mossad, freemasons and rosocrucuians. All these groups are responsible for the nwo. The only reason they dont have total control over humanity by now is becuase they only work with one onother when it suits them but they all want total power for themselves. All of these groups descend from romans who decend from the 'Aryan race' who where created by the sumerian god ninhursag to act as store minders over the human cattle. The aryan race is not 'white people', the aryan race consists of all races, as the 'bloodline' has bred with all races on the planet. You can research this shit for yourself, i have already given you enough gold.

  5. Donte, It's not Jesuits I promise you that. You are losing your main focus here, you were right when you said it was the Jews, now you are falling back and blaming the wrong factions and people again. Saying its the Venetians, Saying its the Romans that the Jews hate, saying its the Germans that are being destroyed by the Jews from massive third world immigration. I can send you numerous documents and videos that state that the Jesuits were originally Jews and from their own sources.

  6. So through my own research (following money) I dont end up at the Federal Reserve I end up at the Depository Trust Company in the US which is supposedly Jesuit and Clearstream in Luxemburg (owned by Deustche Börse in Germany) which had an Interesting controversy with the Vatican & Masonic P2 lodge, LCH (clearing house) in the City of London all of these are the clearing houses of Banks that literally clear just about all transactions. But my concern is that these organizations and many others that I dont feel like typing them all
    Are run by INDIVIDUALS not some GROUP called the Jesuits my concern is how do you know that these INDIVIDUALS are actually Jesuits?
    Please dont take this comment negatively ive learned so much from your channel Dante. I appreciate your effort and the platform your building

  7. Thankfully, the big club does not control the crypto currencies and they are losing. Antarctica secrets revealed = goodbye religion. Catholic church was a scam from the get go. Basically are history is: the Nommo created us, beings we call Annunaki "gods" came after and treated us as slaves, there was a war in our solar system, the "gods" left earth, we have been "free" from the gods ever since but enslaved by the colossal lie ever since. Truth coming out, Age of Aquarius. The elite fear the "gods" returning.

  8. Iv'e actually debated with aplanetruth channel aka Jamie Lee… he says Jesuits are behind it all and i always tell him that Jesuit videos on youtube arent censored… Jew videos are…. He also worked in wall street and rubbed elbows with Jews… he does great work on DEW weapons and is a local outta santa rosa exposing the fires… but him and i will disagree… I say Synagogue of Satan … he says Jesuits… when really Jesuits are Crypto Jews aka Jewsuits. I thumbed down this video, NOT because of you… but bc I dont like this ass hole letting these Jews off the hook.

  9. Its not the Jesuits. It's Talmudic Zionist. Once Rothschild took over the money…..He gained control of the Jesuits. It's not Jesuits behind the government's of the West pushing globalism…..it's Jews and their Shabbos goyim.

  10. Its not the Jesuits. It's Talmudic Zionist. Once Rothschild took over the money…..He gained control of the Jesuits. It's not Jesuits behind the government's of the West pushing globalism…..it's Jews and their Shabbos goyim.

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