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  1. This is great stuff here. I don't understand any of the negative comments. I know a lot about Jesuits and numerology and this is very spot on stuff.
    I'm not so sure about your Antichrist idea. I think the Pope with be the False Prophet and THE Antichrist will be some political leader -I'm guessing Obama given his dreams and upbringing and current stance of gay marriage. He's for sure going to be reelected. True thought that every pope is a type of Antichrist.The Vatican is the whore of Babylon.

  2. LOL. I learned a lot so I don't know why you are claiming this adds nothing. Maybe you have better sources you could share with all of us??
    I don't see any ignorance in sharing more information on how evil the Jesuits are and how the Vatican runs the world. Your claims are baseless.

  3. "Protestants were regularly tortured and martyred for their religious beliefs." < So were a lot more Pagans, Muslims, and Jews. It has never been about ONE target. They want all non-Catholics and non-whites (mind you, "white" means Celts, Latins, and Germans only – Slavs & Scandinavians are also not "white") gone from the face of the earth.

  4. That was not a hanging cage picture. That man is wrapped in a chain, which is completely different from being in a hanging cage. The wikipedia page that picture's on has two actual hanging cage pictures… But, you chose the one that is not a cage.

  5. @romans617

    That is so intentionally for some reasons I do not know yet but they were founded by the masons to keep Blacks out of the lodge but that clearly failed. Everything wrong in this world is all connected and the occult pops up every time.

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