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  1. I saw 2 films where this guy had his words translated to English! (the words are covered up by the task bar a lot on my computer so its hard to watch this… if someone knows where I can watch all the rest 3, 4, 5 however many their are in English overlay of voice I would SOOOOO appreciate it!!

    infact I'd send them a metaphorical kiss from Canada!

  2. Oh people stand up for themselves!! we just get locked up in loony bins for it which then make us LOOK crazy! Thus is WHY they own mind control services!!

    there are 2 types of people

    1) hates childrens services and the level of infliction of opinion is has been given and rights removed from citizens, hates mental health services and its labeling and harassing of individuals (cause jews have no souls they can only break down and DESTROY emotion an have no layers of comprehension so they make layers of manipulation and shame and self doubt) social services which means either conform or get harassed by society AKA brainwashed peers and youth so #'s of people matter more than quality of soul!

    2) the ones that point others out so long as it doesn't happen to them (therefore the BEST people get killed off and or discredited and of course do not wish to breed in a world like this!)


    they will be punished fro his f course! but they cant see that! and hell exists in REAL LIFE for no other reason!!

    Armageddon IS HERE!!!!

    but then again… with the end… comes TRUTH!!!

    I stood outside of my house with a sign next to the street here in Canada.. is read "honk for free speech!) I was deafened by a lot of silence…but every HONK felt like a jolt of joy to my soul that there was a LIKE MINDED person!!

    of course JEW MEDIA tries to say that that joy is of a group mentality and dangerous like hitler… until you realise HITLER WAS RIGHT! and they fear it cause it the best way to take the scum DOWN!!!

    also they are using group mentality against us (Soros's antifa stupid fuckwits)

    if it makes me happy BEFORE you HARASS ME… then it NATURALLY MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY!!!

    if you HARASS me into doing something… temp euphoria with a feeling of WRONG!


    YA I KNOW BEST!!!!!

    here we always had truth in ourselves if we listen to OUR OWN souls and fuck off the jew protocalls!

    there are murals all over the state of fucking prince William owning the planet and enslaving everyone with the exception o 500 000 000 who spared the "culling"
    that ENTIRE I repeat ENTIRE family is what needs to be CULLED!!!

    I think they KNOW that truth is exposed and its a matter of time before phillip Elizabeth William kate and all their children get burnt alive like they do to others!! They started EVERY war along side the rothschilds and every other mother fucking JEW!!!!
    The HELL we have been put through will be EXACTED on those soulless bastards!!

     there is something seriously evil about them!!

    but then again just look up their lineage! they are JEWS!
    they DID THIS to US we OWE our ancestors JUSTICE


    everything we hold dear has been abused, killed and manipulated!

    this year it ENDS!

  3. http://revolutionaironline.com/verklaring-over-ronald-bernard-van-de-blije-bank-van-ex-volkskrant-journalist-sanne-ten-hoove/

    Lees dit even door. Hij is pervers en vind dit obsceen. dat iedereen hier gelijk voor valt is werkelijk een probleem in ons maatschapij. Er moet aangifte gedaan worden tegen deze man want hij is medeplichtig aan kindermisbruik en/of hij weet wie en waar dit gedaan wordt, dit is natuurlijk niet waar want hij verzint alles.

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