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  1. @anunnaki2006
    Well, I do not believe that the Rothschilds are the "creme of the crop", perhaps as far as internatinal jewry goes. The Rothschilds are however powerful, about as powerful as the Rockefellers.

  2. @anunnaki2006
    The Rothschilds are not small fish, they have even married into the Aldobrandini family. Besides it is the Rothschilds who are, at least openly, the ones funding all these wars.

  3. On May 21 1987, some social activists in Singapore were detained under the country's Internal Security Act for trying to overthrow the Singapore government…and guess who were their advisers and supporters? None other than some good old Jesuit priests!

  4. yea bud its ben decades and nothin ur mind is in bliss to think that smoke a lil less potent ganja nig their family bloodline is the nights templar they are the devils they are the illumanati they have the hidden info dont be an idiot they need to burn

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