Royal Wedding scripted by the numbers-Tributes to Freemasonry-Jesuits-Stand By Me Theme continues

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I forgot to say that the Jesuits were founded when the 220th Pope was the Pope. Also Pope Francis’ bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
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  1. and Harry uses the Logo(logo, the actual latin name for GOD) "I AM", wow, harry the half-blooded prince just like harry potter, his dad is capt hewitt whom diana had a 7 yr affair with… they are look-a-likes exactly…trouble ahead!

  2. Rachel (real name) a.k.a.Meghan is a symbolic 'biblical leopard' just like Obama, and they were both born on 8/4, and they are both black/white/jewish (his real mom was named Newman)…it's all in the numbers and the stars~trouble ahead!

  3. Great vid and connections Dan. You made reference to the wedding synching up with the "Pulse" event and many other synchronicities including the number 111. From the Pulse event to the wedding was 1 year, 11 months, and 1 week, a lot like 1111. This is also a total of 706 days. The 607th prime is 111.
    If that's not enough, the headlines after the the 111th World series in 2015 read, " Royals Rejoice" after KC takes out the Mets in five.

    Oh the odds!!

  4. The song " Stand By Me" was recorded in 1961 by Ben E King. And the movie was from the plot of Stephen King's novel "the Body" . So 2 "Kings" linked to this movie and song and now a royal wedding also. The wikipedia of the song brings up the 1905 gospel version copyrighted by Charles Albert Tindley and that article says that even Bob Dylan recorded the gospel version of it. Zach talked alot about Bob Dylan before the superbowl. Charles Albert Tindley makes me think of Prince Charles and Prince Albert cigars and well Prince. All royal themes linked to the movie and song and also a dead body, sacrifices like Prince. Chris Cornell died last May 18th, the Santa Fe school shooting was May 18th this year. If you look at Cornell's last album " Higher Truth" the word May is hidden in drawing of the mountain. The prime minister of the UK is Teresea May. I believe all this stuff is linked thru hidden ritual and munipulation of language and media stories. When i just looked up the story on the Santa Fe shooting that lists the victims, the CNN story says including " and a Pakistani exchange student who was building bridges between her host and native countries when her father became disabused of the notion that her life would be safe in America." Building bridges. Can you believe it. Anyway great video.

  5. TY, it's easier to understand the numbers with your research. I sstill don't get how they keep tract of all these birth dates, places, times etc. How can this work without super computers.The federal government must be decoding somehow. Is that their plan? Control time?

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