19 Replies to “Russian Military Mig-31 still the fastest interceptor in service today”

  1. Big deal, that is just 1970s technology. It takes a whole lot more than just speed to become a world class fighter aircraft. The Mig-31 is not that world class fighter aircraft. But at least it can still perform at Russian air shows.

  2. Russia has good vehicles but the US has far more advanced and accurate tank equipment and armament than the russians. Same with the british Challenger / Challenger 2 / Challenger 2 TES. Aircraft play a large role in combat but is only as good as the pilot while a tank has a auto targeting system so it's really the positions, equipment, armor and armaments that matter there. I'm pretty sure that a F-22 could take a MIG-31 down but it completely depends on the pilot, countermeasures, survivability and how accurate the weapons are (I'm talking about a 1v1). I can be wrong about a lot and this is more of an opinion than anything else. (But seriously though, Abrams and Challenger are superior to the modern russian T series tanks (Not counting the T-14 Armata)).

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