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  1. Sammie (Leigh Bush) I've been listening to your music since junior high, man and have followed you up to a grown man (27 now). I've always throughly enjoyed your music and have been enjoying this Insomnia mixtape I have newly discovered.

    Im rooting for you to make a come back in this industry. Don't give up, I believe in you. Your voice is a gift, cherish it.

  2. Mr leighBush I want to hear you do something with this kind of style I bet you would make a hit with it. this style will hit the mature audience too!!! please consider it.  a good genre for you, remember you are good at love music and don't always need to do club music. I can see you being versatile.

  3. I really appreciate that you made this documentary, I lost touch to where you are after(  I like it ) came out, I was a young teenager then. Took over a decade for me to find out after google research what happened to you and I am so glad you are still working on you're career and I think you are on the threshold to making it big. I can't wait to hear you on the radio. I like you're 2013 songs the most.not real into the cussing in some songs. Keep up the Good work!!!!

  4. I love you Sammie and I can't wait til we meet. I love you because you can really sing and you have a passion for music, and you giving us the people something to feel and you write your own music thats whats up. I write music, sing and rap, also make beats so hopefully one day we will meet.

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