Satan In the Vatican

The Vatican “pope” is not the “Holy Father” only our heavenly Father is (Matthew 23:9). The Roman Catholic Church is enslaving their people in religion, not freedom in the grace of Christ. Beware, the Vatican is ushering the world into a New World Order, under a new one world religious system that is tolerant to ALL teachings (which will be led by the antichrist), which is contrary to the messege Jesus gave, that he is the ONLY way to the Father John 14:6.
RUN from the RCC and the Vatican! Fairuse Act 1976


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  1. KRZYSZTOF WESOLOWSKI -, arch-bishp pedophile who had been child-abusing in Haiti died in Vatican in mysterious way. He is likely to have been murdered by his accomplices, in order not to reveal all sexual scandals and other filth stuff………………

  2. I'm afraid many of you do not understand. The Catholic Faith is true. It is the only "true" religion on Earth, although other religions contain some aspects of truth, but are not salvific. Prior to the 1960's the Catholic Church asserted that She was the only Ecclesiastical Power on Earth and She was right. None of you hurling "biblical" insults at the Church would have that Bible to misinterpret were it not for the authority of the Catholic Church which gave it to you. Many of the speakers you heard in this video were Catholic and were criticizing the Church not for being "the whore of Babylon" which is a charge so vile against the Bride of Christ one dare not repeat it — but instead that the Satanic forces successfully, if temporarily, have infiltrated the Church and are causing Her to suppress the true teaching that Jesus is God and the Catholic Church is His Church and all men must be saved through the graces She provides by the authority of Christ. The Traditional Catholics have the truth. Follow them.

  3. if your reading this i say fuck the new world order fuck the law fuck the gov n fuck obama i said it fuck the stupid peice of shit president and satan i dont  fear any of them what so ever so  if this new world order wants and drags us down well lets all start a fucking war and see how the president and his minions feel bout that i will die with peace and the bad will be gone in a matter of time

  4. This is an older video I just ran across, very eye opening! "The" have been trying to "bring it all together" for a long time, "one WORLD religion", one WORLD government, the NEW WORLD ORDER also know as "The Beast"! There will be a man to arise that will be the true beast, his name is satan, no matter what he calls himself here, those that know, will know him for what he really is! They want us to NOT worship the True King, Jesus Christ, that is their major goal, and Jesus is our ONLY Salvation! Have you got Jesus in your life! It's hell without Him, literally! Are you ready, even if you aren't, HERE IT COMES!~Heads UP!

  5. The video is great, gets to the point. My only humble input is that there are so many that, as soon as they hear that dramatic music automatically feel emotionally manipulated. It's a common practice to bypass critical thinking to some degree once our emotions can be influenced. 

     That is why atheists and anti-Christ propaganda on television uses seething ridicule and acidic words. To provoke an emotional response so that we lose our cool. It's funny how they don't see it when THEY do it, but any sign of it in a conflicting world view presented to them results in immediate shut down. 

     God Bless

  6. Sooooo TRUE… Catholic Christians may deny this BUT the truth will prevail by itself… We are getting nearer and nearer to the end.

    To God be the glory!!!!
    Lord Jesus I lift Your Name on high!!

    Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings!!!! My SAVIOUR ALMIGHTY..


  7. It's like baseball but 1 strike your out hint: stick to the clear path after Finding God and his son Jesus's love and wait of the Anti Christ which is hard. For all you know I'm lying but I feel clear do you? Or do you say I'm Christian and follow someone who deceives you. Definition of God: a great deceiver but I'm deceived by the truth. There's a difference.

  8. Perhaps the Catholic was 1st. Perhaps these popes are "Great Deceivers" to trick us. We are blind no matter how clear the vision. The only 2 who can see is God and his son Jesus. But I'm wiping my wind shield to try and be clear to them, are you?

  9. +richeous58 there's debate as to what true christianity is. What you describe is what I learned in comparative religions as Charismatic Christianity and is a relatively new development as far as the worship or followings of Jesus are concerned. There's enough out there that indicates that even worship of Jesus himself wasn't practiced in early Christianity and that he was considered a teacher and/or wise person whatever those terms connotated at the time, by some as a prophet and miracle worker and others as the direct Son of God. In some traditions, being a Son or Daughter of God is not an exclusive thing and doesn't need to be in capital letters as we are all such in their belief. Some sayings of Jesus are also repeated in Buddhism and there is some theories that he was influenced or that he influenced some of their teachings perhaps even personally or that these concepts were borrowed from something pre-existing Buddhism and Christianity but not another Abrahamic religion as they are not in Judaism or Islam. Given the existence of occult teachings in Jewish culture, there is the thought that the absorption of other occult teachings or at least their study may not have been unusual in a very take-what-works-and-leave-the-rest sort of fashion. 

  10. If we accept that the God you beleive in is: Omniscient. Omnipotent. Omnipresent. God created Satan. God creates free will, but knows outcome beforehand. God knows Satan will fall and all future. God created evil with foreknowledge. All is in God's foreknowledge, therefore part of his plan. Your suffering and outcome is in his plan.

  11. I think everyone needs to do what they feel is right and stop worrying what other people are doing or what religion they are. I'm not Catholic because I don't feel it's right but that's me. There's so many things that do not line up with the bible it's insane. Just one instance, I'm sorry but there is no man on earth I will call holy father. Not one. The bible clearly states that you are to call no man on earth Father but our Father who is in heaven. And purgatory? If it is true and the death of Christ was not enough to save a soul what makes you think that any amount of anything you can do on earth is enough to bring a soul to god? It's kind of like a slap in the face to Christ. And if I'm not mistaken the only mediator we have is JESUS. Not Mary (also a sinner for she expressed need for a savior) not peter (who actually rebuked a man for making him more than he was; a man) I cannot do something my heart feels uncomfortable with. I pray for others who do. Something apparently the Catholic faith has curses against people who don't that their names not be found in the book of life. Christ like huh. 

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