hi I did this video and try explain how the Vatican HQ of catholic church was taken over by illuminati agents (KGB) and Jesuits, that once were enemies now joined forces with one secret agenda infiltrate and take over Vatican and create one world religion and antichrist (NWO) comments welcome, Don
Glory to God and repent in yeshua’s name )

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  1. The Jews(Pharisees and lawyers and scribes) were the ones that was against the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and today they go under the names Illuminati and Zionists. JESUS called them the Synagogue of Satan even today they rule ALL the Churches and is called Mystery Babylon. They even rule the whole secular world's governments and soon THE LORD will judge them, but not before they have killed many Christians during the great tribulation. JESUS CHRIST said "come out of her my people" in Revelation.

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