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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this video,it’s viewers, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from this video,images,words in any way and command you to go to wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader’s mind to the truth and from watching or listening to this information in Jesus mighty merciful name. As well any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed

Where I send all my videos to be watched or spanked by the general population.


One Reply to “Satan’s Abyss”

  1. Flat Motionless Earth
    Do not step on my proof of Genesis,Bible,God, Preacher.

    If you do accept the globe lie, the gravity fiction,
    the relativity fraud, the NASA fakery and lies,
    the Govt's lies, the media lies,

    So be it.

    Then do not tell me evolution is a lie,
    big bang is a lie etc.

    Christian Preachers
    You believe NEWS is fake and lies?
    You believe Govt Lies?
    You believe we are in the end times?
    You believe satan is ruler of this world?
    You believe satan is the great deceiver?

    …and deceives the whole world?

    Evolution and Big Bang- unacceptable?
    Heliocentric Universe – acceptable?
    same source

    1.) Flat Earth Truth is physical proof of
    Genesis,God,Bible.,Word of God.
    2.) Flat Earth Truth is physical proof
    scientists are also wrong Heliocentrism
    3.) Flat Earth Truth is physical proof
    world has been deceived.
    4.) Flat Earth Truth is a best argument
    against those that deny Jesus Christ.
    5.) Best proof to get others to accept Jesus Christ

    ( and you throw it away )

    Heliocentric Sun centered
    gravity based universe..comes from
    the BIG BANG theory.
    Evolution comes from
    the BIG BANG theory.

    Figure it out

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