Scales: A Harmonic View

An exploration of the reciprocal relationship between scales and chords… or is that chords and scales? Enjoy!
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  1. As guitar player, this has really helped me understand simple things like the pentatonic scale which in guitar is seen as simply shapes rather the very interesting harmonic relationship you've just demonstrated.

  2. And the best thing is that this doesn't apply only to the piano! I'm a guitar player and seeing how everything falls in the piano has helped me greatly on how to see notes in the guitar.

    Your videos are very helpful for players of other instruments!

  3. You're a great soul Frank. I was turned off by part of the first video I saw because of your quirky humor, I thought one had to be cold and serious to teach, then it slowly grew on me. I can see that you are helping those learn in a way more genuine than any other on the internet. Thank you for your helping of others and thank you for being you.

  4. This is great stuff. A lot of it I had thought about before, but you saved the best till last! Finding the pentatonic scale in the cycle of 5ths! This is amazing! Just shows how connected so many things in music are, how they are often the same thing expressed in a different way.

    Next stop for me: There are a bunch of chord progressions that you hear over and over in all styles of music. I'd love to look at them one at a time and see what makes them so catchy.

    Anyway, thanks for a great video!

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