I’m divin’ in, it’s ice cold.
On top of my head, it’s gonna go…
Alright, here I am, Steven Curtis Chapman, with the ALS ice bucket challenge. Yes, I have been called out by several people, including Rob Dempsey at HIS Radio, my good friend Mr. Tim Burke, and many, many others. I’m standing here in front of, what some of you know, my son knows it as Richie Rich’s house from the movies. But, yes, the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina, where I’m playing tonight with Third Day. And I thought what better place than right here to take this challenge and dive in! And I want to say that I’m doing this especially in honor of Dave Kernaghan’s mom, Shirley, and also Jillian Chapman’s grandpa, and my neighbor in Kentucky Lake, Tom’s son, all who passed away with this terrible disease. I think this is a great thing. I also think it’s important and a great thing that we not only get dunked but that we do also contribute. I think maybe by getting the ice dunked, we maybe get a dollar taken off of the $100… My family and I will also be donating. I have Mr. Rick Connor, ladies and gentlemen. Rick Connor, from the Biltmore, vice president of operations here to help me. So, I want to challenge many of you, all of my other artist friends in Christian music, come on let’s do this together, let’s dive in together! Also to Mr. Rob Pelinka, Mr. Rick, I want to see Jim Caviezel, and Dave Weston at KXOJ. So, here we go, here we go… Let’s do this Rick!


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